York, North Yorkshire, England, UK; August 1, 2009

Date of Sighting: 01-Aug-09 23:20

Location of Sighting: York, Yorkshire

Brief Description of sighting: Orange lights in sky.

York, England, UK; October 18, 2005

Date of Sighting: 18-Oct-05 22:00

Location of Sighting: York, North Yorkshire

Brief Description of sighting: Saw an object like a big star moving North West

York, England, UK; January 31, 1997

Date of Sighting: 31-Jan-97 20:00

Location of Sighting: York, North Yorkshire

Brief Description of sighting: Two to three UFOs circling the area. They looked like fast moving, cloud shaped objects.

York, Pennsylvania, USA; June 31, 2010

Name: chris

Date of Sighting: 6/31/10 3:30am

Location of Sighting: Grantley Rd. in York,pa

Shape(s) of UFO(s): triangular

Size(s) of UFO(s): hard to tell, about the size of a small house

Color(s) of UFO(s): too dark

Number of UFO(s): 1

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: couldnt be more than 2000 ft

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): north, north west

Further Description of Sighting: it appeared as a large triangular shape with bright lights at the top of each point. i unfortunately i only saw it for a minute as i was driving and the road went up a hill with trees on either side, i couldn’t see the sky. but by time i got up the hill it was much farther away, i could see the three bright lights in the distance over the tops of houses and trees in my neighborhood.

i know it was it because it was really cloudy i could hardly see any stars that night. I know what i saw, it was not a plane nor a helicopter. plane lights blink, these did not.

York, Pennsylvania, USA; January 11, 2019

Name: Chad

Date of Sighting: January 11, 2019

Location of Sighting: York,pa

Number of UFO(s), including the Color(s), Size(s) and Shape(s): 1 large copper/bronze fat cigar shape

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: Approx. 15,000 ft atltitude

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): Southeast

Other Known Object(s) (For possible reference, or contrast): 6 passenger jets in sky , object was beneath jets travel about 4 times the size.

Further Description of Sighting: Flash appeared, then object appeared standing completely still in the air, then the copper cigar shape started to move southeast very slow, then moving very rapid, another flash object was gone!