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Williston, North Dakota, USA; April 24, 2010

Name: Pamela Date of Sighting: 4/24/10 Location of Sighting: above Williston ND, in the south eastern sky, just above town. at 11:48 pm Shape(s) of UFO(s): It just appeared and flew west for a few second then disappeared, no sound. the shape was unattainable,… Continue Reading “Williston, North Dakota, USA; April 24, 2010”

Williston, North Dakota, USA; 1998

Name: Jake Bloxham Date of Event: about 9 or ten years ago.. Location of Event: about 13 miles north of Williston, ND. Message: Me and my mom were headed out to our farm, at which we lived at the time, and we came over… Continue Reading “Williston, North Dakota, USA; 1998”

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