Waterbury, Connecticut, USA; July 2, 2010

Name: Ed Rielly

Date of Sighting: July 02, 2010 at 8:50PM

Location of Sighting: Waterbury, CT

Shape(s) of UFO(s): Globe shaped

Size(s) of UFO(s): bright star like size

Color(s) of UFO(s): Rose colored, pinkish-red

Number of UFO(s): Four

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: Approx. 5-8 miles

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): Western sky toward the South-East

Further Description of Sighting: We first noticed 3 bright pinkish-red objects just above the western horizon, At first we all, approx. 20 people tailgating after baseball game, thought it was some remnant lighting from fireworks over the hill.

These lights continued to move however and did not lessen in brightness nor did they fall toward the ground which would be typical of a firework or flare.

The 3 lights moved toward the south-eastern sky flying silent and smoothly. One light suddenly veered in front of another and circled it. Soon after a 4th light came over the horizon and flew in the same path as the other 3.

Each light flew directly into a cloud pattern and disappeared. All 4 lights in the same cloud as if they had that as their target. Amazing! They were not a group of planes or natural phenom. They had a direct flight path and 1 light almost on cue circled another to prove it had some kind of controlled motion. Incredible really…

Waterbury, Connecticut, USA; July 16, 2008

Name: Eric

Date of Event: July 16, 2008 evening

Location of Event: Waterbury CT

Message: From wtnh-tv (New Haven CT) website. This was not observed personally by me.

Mystery in sky over Waterbury

By News Channel 8’s Desiree Fontaine
Posted July 17, 2008
5:15 PM

Waterbury (WTNH) _ Mixed in with the usual reports of crime and neighborhood nuisance, Waterbury police received a number of unusual calls last night. People reported unidentified objects in the sky.

Bright blue skies could be seen in Waterbury today, but Wednesday night something peculiar, eerie and slow moved across Connecticut skies.

“I heard a little thunder, something like that,” Jim Carter, of Waterbury, said.

Remember Roswell, New Mexico 1947? Ring a bell? That’s when witnesses say they saw a flying saucer, carrying aliens, crash. While there was no crash last night, some Waterbury residents are wondering do extraterrestrial beings inhabit our world? Are there aliens among us?

It was shortly after 8:00 PM Thursday when the calls came pouring into the Waterbury Police Department. Neighbors at 578 Wilson Street say they saw globe-like objects flying in the sky.

Witnesses say the bright globe-like objects hovered in the sky for nearly 20 minutes. Carl Dippelhofer, of Waterbury, believes that aliens are a possibility.

“There probably is, there probably is aliens out there,” Dippelhofer said.

While the Waterbury Police Department refused to comment, there’s no denying that witnesses saw something and they want answers.

“I’m home tonight, I’m off of work, I’ll be looking up there tonight to see if I can see anything around that time,” Mary Carter, of Waterbury, said. “I will.”

Carter said she wants to know what many Americans have questioned for decades: are there aliens among us?

Meanwhile, Bradley International Airport, along with Waterbury-Oxford Airport, said there were no reports of anything unusual in the skies over Connecticut last night.