Washington County

Quoddy Village, Eastport, Maine, USA; July 12, 2013

Name: james henry guertin

Date of Sighting: 07/12/13 11:11 pm

Location of Sighting: quoddy village maine 04631

Shape(s) of UFO(s): orbs and rings

Size(s) of UFO(s): 2000 feet dia. 1/3 of a mile

Color(s) of UFO(s): white , orange

Number of UFO(s): one huge object

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: 300 to 500 feet up and 1 mile away

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): came out of the north north west

Other Known Object(s) (For possible reference, or contrast): hovered over half moon cove

Further Description of Sighting: at first seen an orb off in the distance going back and forth three miles north of me. I live on top of a hill on an island 100 feet above sea level. as it got within 1 mile the orb was making a giant circle 1/3 mile dia. at 3 miles it looked like it was going back and forth.

then all of a sudden in side the center of the circle a giant ball of light appeared 300 to 400 feet dia. with a huge orange ring around the ball that was 800 to 1000 feet dia. it looked liked Saturn on its side. there was a hazy foggy thing happening around center ball of light the ring looked like it was segmented like an orange and the orb just kept going around everything 4 seconds to 1 rev. counter clock wise.

this all happened the center activity in 15 to 20 seconds then the center went out. but orb kept going around the center was invisible. then it got a little higher in elevation and continued south south east right over my head. when the center was lit up large ring was facing north. this is one of dozens of object I see half dozen a year.

most of the time they come out of north west sky moving slow. it seems they use the light houses as navigation. genially they are less than 1000 feet up. 40 to 50 mph. almost never any noise. I know this area well I have topo’s and charts I fish here and hunt here for 27 years I dig clams right were this thing hovered. biggest ufo yet!

If you do contact a witness, please be respectful to them.

Contact Email of Witness: jimxgutta@gmail.com

Portland, Oregon, USA; Summer, 1973

Name: x

Date: Summer 1973

Location: Sunset and 185th overpass, Portland, Oregon

Message: summer 1973 West Portland-Sunset Hwy and 185th overpass, light-gray round object the size of 4 full moons above my 72 Vega as I traveled south at about 7pm. My roommate Dave said “look at the full moon”. I remember when the full moon comes over the horizon it is sometimes distorted. No big deal. Then I realized that the moon had set over the Coast Range hours earlier.

Stuck my head out the window and can’t explain why I did this, but slammed on the brakes and ran out in the middle of the street. Looking back on it, it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do. I looked up and it was above us. First thing I did was try to find someone to collaborate with. This is a very busy highway and we were all alone. 185th highway and the Sunset highway. No cars no people.

My roommate yelled “its made of metal” the object flashed white blinding me. 3 seconds later flashed red 3 seconds later flashed blue. Flashed like a camera(white) again. Last thing I remember it flashed over the west hills 10 miles away. I lived with Dave for 2 years after that and never mentioned it! Didn’t remember until dreams 15yrs later. Actually I did remember, but it wasn’t important to me until later.

I went to the Doc for some sleeping pills cos I could not get any rest. Same dream over and over. Shrink says “to hypnotize.” Detained and possibly abducted. Would you get hypnotized and possibly have for the rest of your life memories of things that make no sense, upset the religious teachings, the status quo, all the things you were taught could be BS.

This really really happened to me. I know what I saw. No one will ever convince me it didn’t happen. Oh by the way. No way do I want to know anymore. Forget the hypno! I suppose if the aliens were hostile we, wouldn’t be here.

Portland, Oregon, USA; August 6, 2008

Name: S. Anderson

Date of Event: noon on August 6th

Location of Event: Portland, Oregon while riding portland aerial tram

Message: This is pretty strange and I don’t know what is actually on this footage but my friend was visiting Portland from Germany and he was taking some sightseeing videos of downtown Portland while riding the Portland aerial tram. When he uploaded the video to his computer he saw something flying over the city that shot off into the sky in a speed and angle that we don’t think could possibly be a plane or helicopter.

Problem is I just don’t know how else to explain what it was. He said no one saw anything when he was in the tram at the time either. At any rate I’ll leave it up to you to decide- we posted it on youtube to see if anyone else might have seen something similar at the time but haven’t heard anything yet.

link is here so you can check it out:

Johnson City, Tennessee, USA; September 22, 2007

Name: Charlie

Date of Event: September 22nd 2007

Location of Event: Johnson City, Tennessee

Message: Hi, I was out at the peak time during the leonid meteor shower, at 3 am on the 22nd, and i saw a bright white light, flying low, landed, I found fragments, but not anything on the internet or in books could identify, it’s neon orange and white, very light, and meteor looking, not metal, though, or heavy. Could it be pieces of mars or an asteroid?

I don’t know and the local science dept. won’t return my email. ETSU is the local college. I need a content analysis, it looks as if this could be unprecedented, possibly a new element form a star even. Who knows? thx, I appreciate any help.