Newport, Gwent, Wales, UK; July 19, 2009

Date of Sighting: 19-Jul-09 01:22

Location of Sighting: Newport, Gwent

Brief Description of sighting: A bright, reddish light travelling W to E, below cloud level. It made no sound. It was moving in a straight line but too slow to be a meteorite. It had no navigation type lights.

Blackwood, Caerphilly, Wales, UK; July 2, 2009

Date of Sighting: 02-Jul-09 22:20

Location of Sighting: Blackwood, Gwent

Brief Description of sighting: A bright orange light seen through the tree line. It turned and cleared the tree line. The other side of the object appeared to be a large rectangle shape of fire red/orange. It was silent. The object slowly climbed in the direction of Gloucester.

Swansea, West Glamorgan, Wales, UK; July 1, 2009

Date of Sighting: 01-Jul-09 18:45

Location of Sighting: Swansea, West Glamorgan

Brief Description of sighting: Seemed like a rather large disc or round in appearance. It was dark in colour but bounced sunlight off its surface. It was floating or bobbing up and down. Other aircraft were at the same altitude and could be heard, the object made no noise.

Swansea Bay, West Glamorgan, Wales, UK; June 24, 2009

Date of Sighting: 24-Jun-09 22:05

Location of Sighting: Swansea Bay, West Glamorgan

Brief Description of sighting: A bright circle of fire travelling South Westerly. It was only a few hundred feet up moving silently across the sky at 30mph and then after four minutes, vanished.

Porthcawl, Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan, Wales, UK; June 13, 2009

Date of Sighting: 13-Jun-09

Location of Sighting: Porthcawl, Mid Glamorgan

Brief Description of sighting: A very bright orange circular shape. Got smaller as it moved away. Moving South West to South.