West Kilbride, North Ayrshire, Scotland, UK; May 30, 2004

Date of Sighting: 30-May-04 12:15

Location of Sighting: West Kilbride, Ayrshire

Brief Description of sighting: Five bright spheres flying beside each other.

Paignton, Devon, England, UK; May 25, 2004

Date of Sighting: 25-May-04 17:00

Location of Sighting: Paignton, Devon

Brief Description of sighting: Long single, black cylinder type object about 200ft long.

UK; May 22, 2004

Date of Sighting: 22-May-04 23:50

Location of Sighting: UK

Brief Description of sighting: Two objects were both an orange colour and were disc shaped. They looked like aircraft without wings and were very silent.

Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, UK; May 14, 2004

Date of Sighting: 14-May-04 03:10

Location of Sighting: Leeds, West Yorkshire

Brief Description of sighting: A very bright light, and also saw strobe lights near the bright light.

Nelson, Lancashire, England, UK; May 20, 2004

Date of Sighting: 20-May-04 11:15

Location of Sighting: Nelson, Lancashire

Brief Description of sighting: The object was white in colour and ‘chewy mint’ shaped.