Summer 2005

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA; Summer 2005

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: late summer – evening about 10:00 PM  2005

Location of Event: TN, Murfreesboro

Message: I stood outside on my back porch and sensed something enormous and very quiet like silent air vibration – It was directly over head, but it was so silent that I was both hypnotized and scared – It blocked out the stars – but it appeared to be so black and dull-mirror like that I wasn’t sure what I was seeing – It was so large – like a huge floating parkinglot – it was the quietness of it that was most memorable – there were very dim red lights towards the back of it, and it seemed to be slow moving – then it wasnt there –

I have never forgotten it – It could have been a boeing test flight of their new silent planes(they have a headquarters now in the old Oak Ridge TN site) but, whatever I saw, it made quite an impression on me – the hugeness of it was stunning…. I still look for it when I go outside – haven’t ever seen it again.