Summer 1977

Ottumwa, Iowa, USA; Summer 1977

Name: Barbara

Date of Event: Summer 1977

Location of Event: rural Ottumwa Iowa

Message: It was dusk, probably around 8 pm, I was riding my horse through a pasture when low in the sky I saw an elongated oval-shaped bright white light out over the middle of nowhere. It seemed odd, but I didn’t think much of it until my horse spotted it and was overcome with fear. He was looking directly at it, ears perked, head raised, snorting and trembling in fear.

He wanted in the worst way to turn and bolt for the barn, but I managed to keep him steady for a minute or two so that I could continue watching the light. It didn’t move at all, didn’t do anything except hang in the sky. My horse finally gained control and bolted so I only got to watch for a couple minutes. I’d never seen anything like it before or since.

It would have completely escaped my attention were it not for my horse…which doesn’t prove anything of course other than that something very odd was out there that evening. I didn’t tell anyone for a few years until I heard others say that they too have seen some very strange lights in the vicinity.