Strafford, New Hampshire, USA; 1960s

Name: William R Aitken.Sr

Date of Event: Back in the 1960’s

Location of Event: At old Austin-cate Academy by the main building.

Message: Scene a lot of strange light looking toward bow lake .They would get real bright and get dull .I was about seven yrs old .I am now retired Meriden Firefighter !!!

Strafford, New Hampshire, USA; November 17, 2007

Name: NH Jack

Location: Strafford, New Hampshire

Date of Event: November 17, 2007

Message: I saw something similar on the same day, around 3:20 pm (EST). you didn’t say if your incident took place at night or in the day.

The sighting I had was in Strafford,NH. I was working outside my home when i looked up at the sky. I only saw one object but it was white and spherical in shape, at first it seemed to be staying in place, then started to move in a North Eastern direction.

It made no sound and continued in that direction for about 10 seconds, I thought at first it might be a balloon but it was so round.Then stopped in place, something I have never seen a balloon do. I looked away for two seconds to see if anyone else was around who might see it too which there wasn’t so I looked back and the object was gone.