September 2019

Gallatin, Tennessee, USA; September 10, 2019

Date of Event: 9-20-19 / 10-12-19

Location of Event: Hermitage & Gallatin Tennessee

Message: I am an avid night watcher. I have noticed an increase in activity in the Night sky around my area. On 10-9-19 around 11pm I noticed what I thought to be a satellite coming from the south heading north which I thought was weird because satellites don’t travel pole to pole, as it got closer overhead it got very bright brighter than Jupiter in the night sky, it wasn’t moving very fast slower than a satellite would be moving.

It dims to the brightness of a satellite and then gets brighter than Jupiter it does this several times as it got towards Polaris it got very dim so much that I could barely see it. Then it made a U-turn headed southwesterly got real bright and then dimmed out slowly. On the 9-10-19 I saw six of these objects.

On the 11th I saw 4 all heading north within minutes of each other . Not all of them got real bright they mostly stayed dim on two occasions I saw them flying in pairs about five minutes apart From each citing all heading in the same direction just a couple of degrees to the right of Polaris. Has anyone else in this area seen increased activity in the past year?

I have just about every night there is clear skies I sky watch and I see something weird In the skies That I can’t explain. I know they’re not airplanes I have binoculars and low power that I can’t explain. I know they’re not airplanes I have binoculars and low power kids telescope. When I look they don’t have red, green lights or strobes. So what are they!!??!!

Meridianville, Alabama, USA; September 29, 2019

Name: Gale Fenwick

Date of Event: 9/29/2019

Location of Event: Meridianville, AL

Message: Saw a tubular shaped glassed windowed moving pretty quickly through the SW sky from north to south at 3 am when I took my dog out. Didn’t have my camera…..I was just out of bed…It was quite large….had to be bigger than a commercial aircraft…it broke the sky…I saw it for about 5 seconds and then it disappeared into the sky again…no sound….