September 2014

Mount Shasta, California, USA; September 12, 2014

Name: Julio Barriere

Date of Message: September 12, 2014

Location: Mount Shasta, California

Message: Mt. Shasta, California. The UFO activity here is always present just like Mt. Adams, Trout Lake, Washington. Joshua Tree, California. And Toronto Canada. Anyone can see Ufos at any of these places. Julio


Merced County, California, USA; Summer, 2014

Name: Jack

Location of Sighting: night skies over Merced, Stanislaus counties.

These craft are too high up to see a shape just the lights(green, red) these craft show up about 8:30 PM and are hovering for some hours before leaving and when they move they move very slowly, very gradual. I’m thinking some kind of helicopter or maybe drones?

Date of Sighting: 2014 June- September every night, go look