Rutherford County

Smyrna, Tennessee, USA; July 23, 2017


Date of Event: 7 23 17

Location of Event: smyrna tn

Message: red and green lights, no sound, hovering, then down and gone, area of i24 almaville rd and blackman, lights were constant not blinking

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA; November 12, 2015

Name: Billy Redig

Date of Event: 11/12/2015

Location of Event: Near Murfreesboro, TN

Message: Just saw a light in the sky, thought it was a shooting star until it started zig-zagging. It wasn’t very large and was quite some distance away; the movements were not like any kind of airplane I know of could have made because they were too sudden and odd angles.

I mentioned it at work the next day, but nobody else saw it. So, I just dropped it. Hope this helps.