October 2017

Long Beach, California, USA; October 21, 2017

Name: Jim Martin

Date of Sighting: 10/21/17

Location of Sighting: Long Beach, CA

Further Description of Sighting: I saw a huge white orb over my house in Long Beach CA on October 21, 2017. At first I spotted two objects crossing path’s with each other then focused on the larger one.

As I zoomed in on my camera the UFO started ejecting smaller spheres into the atmosphere. The first ejection formed a triangular formation! As I kept filming the object started emitting tons of orbs falling in a steady stream from the main object.

There were at least 40 smaller spheres emitted from the main UFO. Interestingly the smaller orbs were only visible through my infrared camera. This was recorded with my full spectrum Canon SX60 with a monopod in my backyard in Long Beach CA.

The first part of the video shows the raw footage and the analysis of the capture is presented in the end of the video.

Decherd, Tennessee, USA; October 31, 2017

Name: James Brewer

Date of Event: 10/31/2017

Location of Event: Deckard Tennessee

Message: I heard a helicopter fly over the house twice & I looked out the window to see a disc shape U.F.O hovering over the mountain top. It had bright red lights horizontally in the center of the craft. As the helicopter approaches it vanished with out a sound. I could not believe what l was seeing!

York, Pennsylvania, USA; October 27, 2017

Name: Robert Maresch

Date of Sighting: 10/27/2017 early am

Location of Sighting: York Pa.

Number of UFO(s), including the Color(s), Size(s) and Shape(s): We seen about 40 or so of them easily. Many looked like stars that moved in erratic ways at various speeds. A few were white with what appeared to be red and blue lights occasionally blinking.

The ones that I could positively id were what appeared to be the TR-3B triangle shaped ones that are “our” craft. We saw at least 15 of them. These were also at times able to display their ability to cloak themselves at various levels and also appear to be able to produce sound to mimic a normal aircraft. The last ones I may have seen but can’t say with much certainty.

These looked like 2 stars next to each other and I could have swore I seen a faint silhouette showing a “cigar” shape with the 2 stars on the front and back. I want to stress that I cannot positively say for certain on these. They seem to be fairly stationary with what seemed to show some movement.

It was very dark and given the shock and excitement of it all I can’t say my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. I’m 38 years old and up until then I have never witnessed a single UFO myself. Always wished I could and always had a strong interest in aliens/ufos to the point that I would have probably volunteered myself for abduction out of sheer interest and curiosity.

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: The Tr3b variety ranged as high as a commercial airliner to a few that were so close with 1 directly over me in my yard. As for the latter I probably could have hit it with a rock.

The star like ones looked like they could have been in lower earth orbit like a satellite. The white ones I first described with red/blue lights were what I figured about 20 to 30k feet up.

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): They all seemed to behave erratically as far as movement and direction. The tr3b models had the most consistent patrol patterns and towards daylight all seemed to be headed west. The white ones with red/blue lights which weren’t always displayed pretty much did their own thing.

Also I should note that I (to my girlfriends repeated requests that I don’t!) tried flagging one with my flashlight in an effort to get it’s attention (yes that probably wasn’t too smart of me) seemed to follow me when I walked to the turkey hill up the block and back..

Further Description of Sighting: The following night the tr3b models were out again. And the ones that looked like stars were seen a good bit as well. The tr3bs were out much earlier at around 7 pm near dusk. During this time emergency vehicles could be heard non stop around the city.

Suddenly the tr3bs seemed to either disappear or greatly increase altitude. And it was at this time the emergency vehicles seemed to die down completely. Through the course of the night we saw a few of the tr3bs and still spotted quite a few of the star types.

Additionally we both seemed to witness a tr3b cloak partially and suddenly mimic the sound of a small Cessna aircraft. As it flew overhead it looked like a set of wings on a small aircraft but was missing the nose and tail section. It was actually funny looking. We gave the pilot an a for effort.

As much as we witnessed over the 2 nights we found it rather strange that virtually no one besides one neighbor up the block seemed to take any notice. Additionally there was absolutely no mention of anything in the local news or any news on TV or online for that matter.

I made mention of all of this on my Facebook page which has a lot of local friends all of which either thought I lost it and or asked if I could hook them up with whatever drugs I was on. All jokes aside the whole experience was quite unusual to say the least!