North Myrtle Beach

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA; June 18, 2020

Name: Cheri

Date of Event: June 18. 2020

Location of Event: North Myrtle beach

Message: Friend and I on balcony at Ashworth Resort. Over the ocean, but not in the ocean we saw what looked like one orange-colored light. We thought it was a drone but then it separated into 3 or 5 orange lights. They were in a straight horizontal line. They would flash in sequence (light chasing Christmas lights), only a couple of times…then disappeared.

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA; June 26, 2008

Name: Justin

Location: North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Date: June 26, 2008

Message: I was vacationing in North Myrtle and on the night of June 26th, my wife and I were walking on the beach, it was around 10:00 pm. We noticed a bright orange light over the ocean then a couple more lights appeared in sequence.

I believe there were 4 or 5  and they seamed to be in a straight line. The following night we encountered the same sight except the lights appeared more north of the previous night and the seemed to form a v. It was something we’ve never seen before.

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA; June 7, 2011

Name: Jason

Date of Sighting: 6/7/2011 Approx 10:15pm

Location of Sighting: North Myrtle Beach, South Caronlina over the ocean off the coast

Shape(s) of UFO(s): balls of light

Size(s) of UFO(s): much bigger than stars

Color(s) of UFO(s): red-orange

Number of UFO(s): 3

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: no visable travel

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): no travel, only flashed for a fe seconds

Other Known Object(s) (For possible reference, or contrast): none only ocean

Further Description of Sighting: I was sitting on the beach around 10:15 and saw 3 balls of red-orange light form a triangle. They all flashed on in sequence then turned off in the same sequence, with each light only lasting 1-3 seconds

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA; September 13, 2012

Date of Sighting: 09/13/12

Location of Sighting: n myrtle beach sc

Shape(s) of UFO(s): yellow. to red lights. 2-3 in2 locations.

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA; July 21, 2010

Name: Ernie Padilla

Date of Sighting: the week of the 21st July 2010. At 9:25 PM

Location of Sighting: Languna Keys at N. Myrtle Beach

Further Description of Sighting: My family and I were staying at the Languna Keys at N. Myrtle Beach the week of the 21st July 2010.

At 9:25 PM looking out our Ocean front Condo I spotted a small glowing red-orange ball of light appear and grow in size. Itwas totally still over the ocean. I estimate aroung 5K feet at about the 9 o’clock position looking at the moon.

Immediately another ball appeared adjacent to it but a little lower but the same size. Then another ball appear in the upper left side slightly above both balls. The two outter balls quickly exchanged places and then all blinked off in 2 separate series.

Then all of a sudden they disappeared as if someone turned a light switch off. Amazing. I looked at my watch and it was 9:25 PM; the whole event took maybe 15=20 seconds.

There was no sound and no air traffic in the area during the whole event. I was glad to read someone else witnessed this… this was my first ever seeing anything of this nature.