Mid 1980s

Rochester, New York, USA; Mid 1980s

Name: JDT

Date of Event: mid 1980’s

Location of Event: Rochester NY ~ Winton Rd South at the 590 entrance ramp

Message: I was with friend / roommate getting on the ramp on S Winton Rd heading north when we both saw a huge round ufo hovering just over the tree tops and buildings ( now known as Keller Williams Realty ). This was a silverish color and did not move an inch. It seemed stationary. I recall looking to my left as I was merging into the traffic and looking at a driver who didn’t seem to notice it.

The weirdest thing is we drove all the way to Ridge Rd , she realized she forgot her wallet at home so we turned around went home then back again to our destination and never spoke a word about it. Several years later after we went on with our lives I saw her and asked her if she remembered the night we saw the….. and she cut me off and just said yes. She made sure I understood she did’t want to talk about it.

Missouri, USA; Mid, 1980s

Name: GM

Date: Mid 1980’s

Location: Missouri

Message: My sister, daughter and I were returning one night from Kansas City International (in the mid-’80s). We had just gotten my parents on an early evening flight out. My sister was from Missouri and my daughter and I were just visiting.

It had started to get dark and my sister thought she knew a shortcut back to her house which was several hours away. We started down US71 and then she turned off and took several different turns and we found ourselves on a 2-lane road in the country. About 3/4 mile down the road, I noticed some bright, flashing lights.

I thought at first that it was emergency vehicles. I said something to my sister who was driving and she started to slow down. As we approached, she slammed on the brakes. It had started to get a little “foggy” out, but we could still see quite clearly.

We saw a very large, round craft in the middle of a field. It had red, yellow, and green lights, and they were continuously blinking. It reminded me of a stoplight. I wanted to get out, but my sister screamed at me to stay in the car. We slowly proceeded toward the craft. It was very large and oval/round. Suddenly, it took off, straight up in the sky. I looked at my sister and my daughter and their mouths were open too.

I remember telling her that I didn’t think we had any aircraft that could do that. I started to open my door to get a better look and the object dropped back to the ground, just barely hovering above it. It maneuvered in ways I’d never seen an aircraft move. We saw a farmhouse close by, but that was all we could remember.

Then the craft started slowly coming toward us, still in the field. My sister started backing up the car and I told her to stop. As soon as we stopped, it stopped. When we moved, it moved. It was almost as though we were playing cat and mouse. I told my sister to move forward again and she did, very slowly. It stopped, and we stopped.

We sat there waiting to see what would happen next. After what seemed like a few minutes, it shot straight up again and then went forward just as fast, over the farmhouse, and back to an area that we could not follow. Needless to say, we were all shaking and excited.

It seems that we lost some time. By the time we walked into my sister’s house, it was almost 4:00 in the morning. We figured that we lost about 5-6 hours. We all slept very well. The next day, my daughter kept telling us she had a dream that we’d all seen a UFO. That’s when we reminded her that we had actually seen one.