Howell, Michigan, USA; July 4, 2008

Name: Carson

Date: July 4, 2008

Location: Howell, Michigan

Message: I was camping in Howell, MI July 4th weekend. From there the sky is very dark and I easily see satellites and meteors. I really enjoyed the shuttle docking with ISS last year. I could make out three bands of reflected light from ISS. Later that summer I watched the shuttle cross Ursa major. So I can say that I know that magnitudes of light from stars and various objects in the sky while at Howell.

On July 4 2008 my wife and I saw a very bright ‘star’ in the sky. She asked me about it and I said it was likely a conjunction of a plant with a star. The magnitude was greater than Venus. I thought of measuring the size of it, because it was about as big as my pinky nail held at arms length. I still think what I saw was natural, but now I am not so sure.

Looking forward to the new X-files movie.

Detroit, Michigan, USA; June 8, 2008

Name: Seju

Date of Event: 8th June 2008 3.40am

Location of Event: Detroit, Michigan USA

Message: It was 3.40am on 8th June 2008 in Detroit, Michigan. I had finished packing for my next day flight to India.
I was about to hit bed when I saw luminous white light in the sky. It looked like no plane or aircraft I had ever seen.
It was low-flying, fast spinning object and emitting white light all over. It looked circular and had a little dome on top of it.
It moved fast and changed direction and went out of my sight as if it disappered.

Hundreds of people have come up with UFO sighting claims, especially recent news about mystery craft in Cardiff.
Hope we find some good answers very soon.

Westland, Michigan, USA; June, 1998

Name: Debbie Way

Date of Event: about june-august   1998-1999   about 3:00

Location of Event: Westland, Michigan

Message: Not sure on the exact date and time I was lounging on a raft in my pool in the back yard, when I noticed a cloud coming from the north going south. I could see the edge of a hugh craft which had no sound as it went right over my home heading south toward Ohio. If I had not seen the edge of the craft I would of thought it was just a cloud it was invisible and blended in so well.

Carleton, Michigan, USA; March 10, 2008

Name: Sean

Date of Event: Monday March 10, 2008 — Approximately 6:30am

Location of Event: Michigan – On I-275 near the mile marker 4. Near a large greenhouse and the rest area that is on the southbound of the freeway.

Message: I saw an object about the length of a large school bus, yet oblong in shape (like a football) it was a light blue with a light at the nose. Just a single non-blinking white light. It was flying about twice as fast as a passenger airliner flies when they land. It was not flying as a landing though, it was flyin at an arc; so much so that it MUST have hit the ground at greater than a 45 degree angle, yet I saw no explosion, and no wreckage of any kind.

It was still before sunrise and the large greenhouse was in the backdrop of the object making the sky glow a yellowish tint. I was absolutely amazed because I did not see any evidence of a crash, so it must have pulled up. I know it was not an airplane, because the shape was very obvious against the backdrop light of the greenhouse, and there was only one white light on the noe of the craft. VERY EXCITING!!!

Holland, Michigan, USA; July 27, 2007

Name: Jeff

Date: July 27, 2007, between 10:30pm and 11pm

Location: Holland, MI

Message: Object was a bright orange, firey even, but no structure was illuminated, only saw light (which apparently was coming from object itself). At first sight, due West (toward or possibly over lake Michigan), object was about the size of a thumbnail at arm’s length, so quite large for a light in the sky. It was actually spooky between its size and how bright it was.

I was viewing Jupiter so I had the telescope out but it was moving too quickly to track. I did look at it through binoculars but got no more useful detail. It moved from being westerly to south-southwest and grew progressively smaller until it faded into the darkness and actually reminded me a bit of a fire’s last ember as it disappeared.

I also noticed that there was no noise, which was a conspicuous absence for how big it was. It had to be quite large and likely very close when I first spotted it, yet it was silent.

Because I wasn’t able to see anything other than a firey-orange mass (something between a ball and a square in shape) I couldn’t estimate its distance or altitude. I can say it was 30-40 degrees above the horizon for the entire time it was visible, which seemed like approximately 3-5 minutes. (wish I had better notes!)

The night was cloudless although the transparency was poor (due to moisture).

I was shown this site after sharing this observation because of its similarity to the 9:30pm St. Claire Shores sighting, which is on the other side of the state but described as heading toward/over water there as well. I am approximately 175 miles from that location and saw the object between an hour and 90 minutes later, although I notice the other sighting describes it as moving in the direction away from Holland at that time (East).

I tend to believe it was the very same object because of how much it struck both of us as firey and unique, although I did not see flashing lights described, nor did I see the structure to say whether it was “turtle-shaped.”

I have a background in aerospace engineering and am an amateur astronomer. I have never seen anything like this, whether man-made or a celestial phenomenon, even in a photograph or a textbook.