May 2009

Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire, England, UK; May 31, 2009

Date of Sighting: 31-May-09 00:30

Location of Sighting: Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire

Brief Description of sighting: Was watching shooting stars when the witness saw two bright luminous orange objects like birds or swans. Does not think they were birds as they moved too fast.

Ballynahinch, County Down, Northern Ireland, UK; May 30, 2009

Date of Sighting: 30-May-09 23:30

Location of Sighting: Ballynahinch, County Down

Brief Description of sighting: Three distinct sets of green, orange and white lights. Don’t match any constellation and are in the wrong place. Static to the eye but with binoculars are moving at speed and at random.

Tunstall, Suffolk, England, UK; May 30, 2009

Date of Sighting: 30-May-09 22:30

Location of Sighting: Tunstall to Butley Road, Suffolk

Brief Description of sighting: Two clusters of bright lights. They were stationary for a while then the first group of 15 headed towards Woodbridge followed by the second cluster of 6-7 lights. They were very high up. They made no sound.

Folkestone, Kent, England, UK; May 30, 2009

Date of Sighting: 30-May-09 02:47

Location of Sighting: Folkestone, Kent

Brief Description of sighting: A bright circular amber light, the size of a 2p coin. It was moving very slowly in a straight line but once it flew over the witnesses house it accelerated away very very quickly into the distance. It made no noise and left no vapour trail.

Bracknell, Berkshire, England, UK; May 25, 2009

Date of Sighting: 25-May-09 23:00

Location of Sighting: Bracknell, Berkshire

Brief Description of sighting: A UFO. It was a “glowing ball of something or other”. Definitely not a plane.