May 2001

Forest Hill, London, England, UK; May 24, 2001

Date of Sighting: 24-May-01 22:25

Location of Sighting: Forest Hill, London

Brief Description of sighting: An alien craft was near to the witness’s house. Disc with a beam of light coming from it. Electrical equipment was disturbed.

Worcester, Worcestershire, England, UK; May 31, 2001

Date of Sighting: 31-May-01 03:00

Location of Sighting: Worcester, Worcestershire

Brief Description of sighting: One shooting star, very bright. The movements were slow and then very fast.

Humberside, England, UK; May 20, 2001

Date of Sighting: 20-May-01 01:15

Location of Sighting: Humberside

Brief Description of sighting: Small blobs of rings with a larger ring around them. White and very bright. Stationary.

Grimsby, England, UK; May 31, 2001

Date of Sighting: 31-May-01 01:35

Location of Sighting: Grimsby, NE Lincolnshire

Brief Description of sighting: Bright light travelling across the sky. Was very high and going faster than a jet.

Rhondda Valley, Wales, UK; May 14, 2001

Date of Sighting: 14-May-01 06:50

Location of Sighting: Rhonda Valley, Wales

Brief Description of sighting: One tennis ball sized object. Was round at the front and had a triangular back. Was rainbow coloured and very bright.