March 1998

Malpas, Cheshire, England, UK; March 30, 1998

Date of Sighting: 30-Mar-98 22:50

Location of Sighting: Malpas, Cheshire

Brief Description of sighting: The object was silent, and was changing from pale blue to green then yellow, and had one bright light. It moved erratically in the sky.

Clwyd, Wales, UK; March 31, 1998

Date of Sighting: 31-Mar-98 04:20

Location of Sighting: Clywd Mountains/Clywd, Powys

Brief Description of sighting: An object, had blue lights on the top and white lights on the bottom. Was 40ft in length. About 600ft high.

Wrexham, Clwyd, Wales, UK; March 30, 1998

Date of Sighting: 30-Mar-98 23:20

Location of Sighting: Wrexham, Clwyd

Brief Description of sighting: One large, square-ish, very bright object. Was blue-ish with lights around it. There was a humming sound and a nasty smell.

Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England, UK; March 30, 1998

Date of Sighting: 30-Mar-98 22:25

Location of Sighting: Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Brief Description of sighting: Twenty five to thirty, small disc shaped objects, that were illuminated. It veered away.

Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England, UK; March 27, 1998

Date of Sighting: 27-Mar-98 00:30

Location of Sighting: Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Brief Description of sighting: Very large spherical object, with multi coloured lights. Was moving at high speed.