Lebanon County

Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA; January 22, 2008

Name: Bill

Date of Event: 1/22/08

Location of Event: Lebanon, PA

Message: My flying buddy saw one right up close TODAY 1/22/08 while getting flight instruction. She said it was larger than a 747, first appeared as a flying wing with wingtip lights from about 3 miles out, then instantaneously streaked to alongside her Cessna’s wingtip right up “danger close”, then in the blink of an eye, streaked off. She and her instructor saw it and drew it separately on paper later to confirm they saw the same thing. This stuff is for real folks, and Penna seems to be a hot spot.

Annville Township, Pennsylvania, USA; December 12, 2007

Name: Marcus

Date of Event: Dec 12th 2007 between 4:30 pm and 5pm

Location of Event: Annville PA

Message: OK apparently i’m not the only one to see something similar, so that puts me a bit at ease. I have 7 witnesses ( the crew I work with on out of state art gigs )

First I was the only one to see a bright white light in the sky.  it was still late afternoon and not dark outside. i thought it was a bright plane. but it split into 3 bright lights. traveling in a straight line. perfect distance apart from each other.  these lights did not fall nor rise,  like a flair or a firework.   but continued in a horizontal line across the sky.  all 3 lights  blinked out one by one

I called to a fellow artist to see if he also seen it, he saw only 2 lights.  before they blinked out.  as we stood there asking each other what it was. another bright light appeared out of nowhere in the sky.  but this time split off into 5 lights. equally spaces, and in a flawless straight line.  like a string of pearls.

this patteren repeated itself for at least 30 minutes as the skys’ grew darker and lasted long enough to gather the other crew I worked with,  No-one had a video camera .. so its’ just our crazy ufo story .

each session of lights would last about a minute then repeat itself every minute or so.  in total we saw the lights appear about 20 times. sometimes changing directions. left to right,. right to left.  forward to backward.  but always about in the same position in the sky.  before it finally stopped.

commonly the lights appeared 6 to 8 lights in a straight line.  but sometimes would be only 2 .

absolutly no sounds. ..

im hoping we were not the only people to see this. maybe it was ball lightning ?  any answers ?

it was not a plane. we could see those flying in the sky as well. ( pretty sure if anyone on a plane could look down would also have seen what we saw )