King Khalid Military City

King Khalid Military City, Saudi Arabia; January 16, 1990

Name: Paul Tyler

Date: January 16, 1990; 03:40:00

Location: North of KKMC (Saudia Arabis)

What did the UFO look like: Very large black triangular shape… No lights. like looking into a bottomless pit. Stood out because the stars were so bright and there were no other lights. Size hard to calculate, no objects in the line of sight.

Did the UFO do any strange things like hover and then zoom off quickly: Two _very_ fast flybys over head… at first thought to be aircraft, but no noise just like a pressure wave. We felt the thing more than we saw it. It did not ‘hover’ as such when it returned, it was just there!

Any additional comments: The object did two low altitude flybys on a military convoy moving rations and ammunition to the brigade rendevous. We were showing no lights. 12 Vehicles, British Army 14 tonne Bedfords. Assuming attack we carried out the dispersal drill after the first pass.

After the second pass we were ordered to ‘make ready’ that is prepare weapons for firing. The object returned from behind us and hovered. Perhaps 10 minutes, we had no comms during this time and the GPS system did not function.

Compasses were not affected. Vehicles to the best of my recollection were not affected. One shot was fired, I do not know if it was an aimed shot or a negligent discharge. 1 x 7.72mm SLR round ball. No effect seen.

At the time of departure the object seemed to close like an aperture door then I realised it was moving away from us upwards rapidly. Difficult to size the thing as there were no reference points.

In my own words and some of the men at the time it ‘felt’ huge. It was totally silent throughout. The only thing that spooked me was there was nowhere to aim, just a black patch in the sky.