June 2006

Banbury, Oxfordshire, England, UK; June 8, 2006

Date of Sighting: 08-Jun-06 19:00

Location of Sighting: Banbury, Oxon

Brief Description of sighting: Looked like a structured object, and it glinted like metal.

Haydock, Merseyside, England, UK; June 5, 2006

Date of Sighting: 05-Jun-06 22:12

Location of Sighting: Haydock, Merseyside

Brief Description of sighting: The ball of light looked like a sphere on fire. Like a comet with no tail. It had a circular light glowing in front of it, that was orange/yellow.

Maidstone, Kent, England, UK; June 3, 2006

Date of Sighting: 03-Jun-06 17:05

Location of Sighting: Maidstone, Kent

Brief Description of sighting: A large, round, white object, with smaller, round white objects randomly scattered surrounding it. The objects started to fade.