Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; July 24, 2009

Name: Courtney

Date of Sighting: 7-24-2009 at exactly 10:13pm

Location of Sighting: Indianapolis Indiana. Above blue Ash Lane, 46239

Shape(s) of Object(s) (If Known): Two objects, round as far as we could tell. One was either bigger or much closer. Big bright solid light that didn’t blink or flicker at all. The smaller one, or farther one was the same both traveling very fast, completely soundless, and side by side. Then right in front of our eyes it disappeared. I’ve never seen anything like this ever in my life.

Color(s) of Object(s) (If Known): Bright white light

Number of Object(s) (If Known): two

Distance of Object(s) in sky (If Known): I don’t know, maybe 2 football fields away.

Direction of Travel for Object(s) (If Known): traveling from the north heading south, then they either shot straight up or straight ahead and disappeared

Other Known Object(s) (For possible reference, or contrast): There were at least two airplanes in the air with these two objects. Neither airplane was flying in the same direction as the unidentified ones. Both airplanes did have flashing lights and that’s how we knew they were planes

Further Description of Sighting: My daughter and I saw a bright light in the sky while walking down our street. We stopped to see if it was moving and it was, very quickly straight up our street. I called my husband with my cell to come look and noticed a second light flying with it at the same speed but either smaller or farther away.

They both flew right over our heads but we couldn’t tell what shape it was, maybe round or slightly oval. I don’t know, the light was bright. It wasn’t very far away though. Then as my husband came out, he seen them too, but then they just disappeared right before our eyes. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever witnessed.

Carbon Canyon, California, USA; July 22, 2009

Name: Chris estrada

Date: July 22, 2009

Location: Carbon Canyon, California

Message: Holy crap. Tonight about 20 minutes ago around 9:26 I was a few houses away from parking my car and I looked out my window and saw what appeared to be a small object in the sky moving north east towards carbon canyon and it was going slow.

It didn’t bother me until I saw it make a fast turn west, then incredibly it moved back north/east very fast and I lost sight. It was no plane because you could see the planes around them with white blue and red lights. Also this object flew in opposite directions in less then a second. Wow I’m just amazed at what I saw.

Gaylesville, Alabama, USA; July 8, 2009

Name: Rick

Date: July 8, 2009

Location: Gaylesville, Alabama

Message: i have been reading and studying this subject for about the past 40 years. Watching the skies day abd night, carefully analyzing everything that seemed peculiar and never failing to come up with some plausible explanation…until two days ago.

While driving north on HWY 35, out of Gaylesville, ( about 3:05 pm ) I observed a craft speeding through the air, heading north, faster than anything I’d ever seen.

Small, almond-shaped pod, white-ish, no trail, silent. I felt like I was watching a film. As I passed a group of tress that briefly blocked my view, it disappeared. I was so certain that I had actually seen something very unique that I drove to the Ft. Payne airport with the intent of asking if they had received any other such reports and I talked myself out of it. A sight that I will never forget though.

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; July 5, 2009

Name: amy

Date: July 5, 2009

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Message: July 5th 2009 i saw some thing similar. My family had went downtown Indy to watch the fire works on top of my dads shop. We were on the roof and my lil cousin was like was is that in the distance? It looks like a burning airplane.

I look in the distance and see it and think it was a hot air ballon but noticed it was making no sound what so ever. Another cousin of mine said he had seen that same thing the day before at my house floating in the air.

Well last night i was at my aunts and we were outside enjoying the nice evening and out of the corner of my eye i think i see a airplane light. I look over and it was that thing we had seen on sunday, but this time it was closer and i was able to look at it for a moment.

It looked like a floating flame, more of a white flame, with like a white sail, and it floated so gracefully. There was no wind last night and this object is small up close. Then we watched it disapper into the sky. I have no idea what this thing is but i do know is i have never seen any thing like it and it is freaking me out. Because it cant be explained.