Mishawaka, Indiana, USA; July 13, 2008

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: Sunday, July 13 around 9:30 pm

Location of Event: Mishawaka, IN Northern Indiana

Message: Family was sitting outside just as the sun was going down. Glowing light appeared and danced around. We thought that it was a plane on fire, but it seemed to float for awhile. We have a wide open view of the sky and we saw the same thing about 2 weeks ago, and passed it off as maybe a firework. Wife got video camera out and got several minutes of footage, then battery went dead, even though it said it had plenty of time left on it. When zooming in, it looked like a large screen t.v. with a maze on it.

Cannot decide if that may be the way the camera shot the light in a close up. Took some digital pictures, but they only showed up as an orange light. No sound at all. Would disappear and then show up in another spot in the sky. Did this 5-6 times. Then looked like it shot straight up into the sky and the light went out. Showed up 1/2 hour later and did the same thing.

Whole family witnessed it. I called the local television station to see if anyone else reported anything strange. They said it was a lantern firework and not to worry about it. I took video to two firework stores to show it to the owners and neither said it looked like any firework they had seen.I do see others reports here from the area during the month of July. Especially the one from Goshen, IN which is relatively close to us.

Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA; July 10, 2008

Name: bernadette walsh

Date of Event: july10th 2:00pm

Location of Event: pennsylvania north of norristown

Message: very strange, was out on my deck smoking. saw lights at a distance(north) no helicopter sounds or light similarities. called my hubbby out to look….upon gazing both of our eyes experienced something like a play of light over the trees, but no actual light was there. Also we experienced a narrowing of vision. it would be hard to focus at moments.

It was completely still . reddish light emitted and flashed sideways. looked like a star abit, yet was pulsing too quickly…felt an energy when the perceived light would glow over the tree brush…at one point it kind of took your breath. My eyes feel a bit funny. My husband said it freaked him out and returned inside. there was no discernable shape just starlike. no hovering helicopterlike movements. just a strange stillness and energy. Has anyone seen this? I’m not crazy…just had a newborn 6 months ago…no history of mental illness…any input?

Smyrna, Delaware, USA; July 8, 2008

Name: Matthew Graham

Date of Event: July 8th 2008, at around 9 P.M.

Location of Event: Smyrna, De

Message: Me and my friend were out for a drive, and we saw this yellow light in the sky so we pulled over on a dirt road. The light was a huge yellowish orange light that kept going really high into the sky, then move in circular motions. It was there for more than an hour, we went to woodland beaches watch tower to see if we could get a better view and we were right it was still there and it was a large object just moving in weird directions for a little bit, then all of a sudden it went really high up and vanished. I couldn’t sleep that night at all.

Wayland Township, Michigan, USA; July 4, 2008

Name: amy

Date: July 04, 2008

Location: Wayland Township, Michigan

Message: youve got two more witnesses here. wayland township, around 10:30-11:00, july 4th. we saw the same thing as described above, but it (same one?) came back again about 20-40 minutes later. same description, but in my words it was what appeared to be a glowing golden ball that was somehow illuminated with a reddish glow, but the colors were not quite seperate. it hovered over the fireworks over lake cobb for a couple minutes then came toward us westerly then shot up slightly to the south and appeared to be leaving our atmosphere as it slowly dissapeared from sight. the second came back and did almost the same exact thing. there was no sound at all.

Romulus, Michigan, USA; July 4, 2008

Name: Clare

Date: July 4, 2008

Location: Romulus, Michigan

Message: I seen the exact same thing but there was 2 of them around 1AM in Romulus Michigan. I know it wasnt a airplane, I see those every night, they glow blue and red. NOT orange. They were not fireworks because fireworks dissapear after like 5 seconds. I seen the 2 UFOs hover for 2 minutes then float off and vanish. I’m freaked out and I honestly dont ever think I want to see something like that again.