Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA; Reported: July 27, 2008

Name: Ed

Date: Unknown

Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Message: We were on vacation at Myrtle Beach, SC. My wife and I were sitting on the balcony looking at the ocean when three bright orange gold color lights appeared in a triangle shape and then three more bright orange gold color lights appeared to the right. The right group was some distance away from the left group. They were approximately 30 degrees above the horizon and there was no sound.

The lights were many times bigger and brighter than any jetliner landing lights or helicopter searchlight. They stayed there for about 10 seconds and the lights went out one by one. The lights turned off in the following order:

*2              *6

*1    *4      *5    *3

We ran out to the beach and watched for 30 minutes and never saw them again. My wife called her sister on our cell phone to share her experience, as we continued to watch. It is a strange experience. We have never seen this before.

On May 15, 2008, the Larry King show aired a video of a similar grouping of these UFOs.

Wayland Township, Michigan, USA; July 4, 2008

Name: amy

Date: July 04, 2008

Location: Wayland Township, Michigan

Message: youve got two more witnesses here. wayland township, around 10:30-11:00, july 4th. we saw the same thing as described above, but it (same one?) came back again about 20-40 minutes later. same description, but in my words it was what appeared to be a glowing golden ball that was somehow illuminated with a reddish glow, but the colors were not quite seperate. it hovered over the fireworks over lake cobb for a couple minutes then came toward us westerly then shot up slightly to the south and appeared to be leaving our atmosphere as it slowly dissapeared from sight. the second came back and did almost the same exact thing. there was no sound at all.

Romulus, Michigan, USA; July 4, 2008

Name: Clare

Date: July 4, 2008

Location: Romulus, Michigan

Message: I seen the exact same thing but there was 2 of them around 1AM in Romulus Michigan. I know it wasnt a airplane, I see those every night, they glow blue and red. NOT orange. They were not fireworks because fireworks dissapear after like 5 seconds. I seen the 2 UFOs hover for 2 minutes then float off and vanish. I’m freaked out and I honestly dont ever think I want to see something like that again.

West Branch, Michigan, USA; July 4, 2008

Name: Tony

Date: July 04, 2008

Location: West Branch, Michigan

Message: We also had a orange/red ball zipping around above the fields around 7-8 pm before the fireworks in West Branch, MI. This was witnessed by many people. I now wish someone had taken a picture of this. This did not have an airplane sound.

Really, no sound. A co-worker described red balls flying around Caseville,MI on the 4th as well. What is going on here?

Eastpointe, Michigan, USA; July 4, 2008

Name: Katie

Date: July 04, 2008

Location: Eastpoint, Michigan

Message: My friends and I saw something around 10:00 or 10:30 PM on the 4th of July. We were in Eastpoint and saw what looked like a fireball heading Southwest across the sky. It was moving pretty fast and the orange glow would get brighter and then dim and then get brighter again.

We thought it was part of a firework, but it was too high, moving in a steady and fast path and continued moving until we lost it behind the our line of sight. It was not a plane, helicopter, or satellite because we saw all of those as well. Never seen anything like it.