January 2003

Bridgnorth, Shropshire, England, UK; January 11, 2003

Date of Sighting: 11-Jan-03 23:45

Location of Sighting: Bridgnorth, Salop

Brief Description of sighting: Oblong in shape with three vertical flashing lights, red, yellow and green, all flashing at the same time.

East Dulwich, London, England, UK; January 10, 2003

Date of Sighting: 10-Jan-03 01:00

Location of Sighting: East Dulwich, London

Brief Description of sighting: Lights, that were formed in a worm shape, wriggling around in the sky.

Coaltown of Balgonie, Fife, Scotland, UK; January 8, 2003

Date of Sighting: 08-Jan-03 22:00

Location of Sighting: Coaltown of Balgonie, Fife

Brief Description of sighting: Changing shape. Strong blue, green and red lights pulsating lights. Jumbo Jet sized.

Stirling, Scotland, UK; January 10, 2003

Date of Sighting: 10-Jan-03

Location of Sighting: Stirling, Scotland

Brief Description of sighting: Two aircraft type objects flying next to each other. Both had vapour trails.

Blackpool, England, UK; January 7, 2003

Date of Sighting: 07-Jan-03 21:26

Location of Sighting: Blackpool, Lancashire

Brief Description of sighting: One bright white object, hovering at first, then moving quickly.