Howard County

Kokomo, Indiana, USA; April 16, 2008

Name: Janet

Date: April 16, 2008

Location: Kokomo, Indiana

Message: I live in Kokomo, Indiana and saw the exact same thing. It wasn’t there for long. I went outside because we heard what sounded like an explosion. Just like you, there was no noise while the object was there.

Kokomo, Indiana, USA; April 16, 2008

Name: Cyndi Gordon

Date: April 16, 2008

Location: Kokomo, Indiana

Message: I too saw the bright white lights in the western sky right after the loud boom that shook my whole house. I live in the Northeast part of Kokomo close to the new Chrysler plant. I saw 4 t0 5 white lights then it looked like white fireworks going off from north to south direction. This happened 3 times, then it looked like it moved and headed in a western direction disappearing out of sight.

Ellicott City, Maryland, USA; August 13, 2008

Name: Mandy

Date: August 13, 2008, 9:00pm

Location: Ellicott City, Maryland; MD-100

Message: On August 13th, around 9:00pm my husband and I were driving on route 100 East. I saw a really bright light in the air hovering over the fields of Howard High School. I had my husband pull off onto the shoulder because From far away I thought it was a helicopter with the spotlight on, but as we got closer it was no helicopter.

We got a really good look at it. it was a disc shaped and silver it had 2 bright white lights on each side that also went to the bottom. It was very still hovering over the fields of Howard High School. I went to get my phone out of my daughters diaper bag to take a picture, but by the time I got the phone out to take a picture it took off very fast going south.

It was very low and my husband and I have never seen anything like this in our lives before. We have no idea what it was it was definitely an unidentified flying object. It was also very close to the ground and we got a very good look at it we tried to find where it went so we could get a picture but it just disappeared. I know people probably think we are crazy when we tell them but I don’t care I know what I saw. I now believe there is something out there.

Kokomo, Indiana, USA; April 16, 2008

Name: Greg Jackson

Date of Event: 4/16/2008 @ 9-9:30 p.m.

Location of Event: Kokomo, In

Message: Me and my whole family were watching tv in tha living room and heard ah “sonic boom” like sound that shook the whole house. We ran outside to see wat the sound was, only to see that our whole neighborhood also came outside to see what was going on. After we were outside, we saw 5-8 bright, white lights lined horizontally and flashed one-by-one in order from right to left, then left to right, then bak again.

after it lingered in the air for about ah minute, it just disappeared without ah trace, ah signal, or any smoke or fire to show ah path of direction. IF YOU SEEN THIS TOO, PLEASE CONTACT ME OR POST AH BLOG TO EXPLAIN WHAT YOU SAW in KOKOMO, IN on 4/16/2008.