Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA; September 23, 2010

Name: Arty

Date of Sighting: 9-23-2010

Location of Sighting: Hollywood, CA-Above the House of Blues/Billboard

Shape(s) of UFO(s): Circular in the middle, shrouded or cloaked, yet probably circular as a whole

Size(s) of UFO(s): Bout the size of the Good Year Blimp, yet oval shaped and stretched out

Color(s) of UFO(s): Unknown, it was night, and in a mist of sorts

Number of UFO(s): 1

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: Just above a billboard on Sunset Blvd, close

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): Western trajectory, yet changes course-southeasternly

Other Known Object(s) (For possible reference, or contrast): 2 Circular row of lights, red in colour, spinning clockwise

Further Description of Sighting: It was a bit spooky, and me mates were pointing at it shouting, UFO!!! At first I thought it was an ultralight aircraft having fun, yet the 2 rows of lights caught me eye, and upon closer observation~discovered it to be a UFO. It was covered or shielded by a mist, and it was floating in the air so smoothly, I was amazed!

Hollywood, California, USA; May 2, 2009

Name: Dima

Date of Sighting: beginning of May 2009 around 2th

Location of Sighting: Hollywood, CA

Shape(s) of Object(s) (If Known): Equilateral triangle

Color(s) of Object(s) (If Known): Very light blue

Distance of Object(s) in sky (If Known): maybe a quarter of a mile, not sure what was the size, so it could vary because of that

Further Description of Sighting: dark object with 4 lights, three in the corners of the triangle, one in the middle, flew very silently but quite quickly in the area of Franklin Ave and Bronson intersection, became invisible after going behind a palm tree. was moving asymmetrically to the bisectrix of the triangle (its tip was slightly off the course, pointing to the left), this happened around 11pm at night when I was on the roof having a cigar.