Gladstone, Queensland, Australia; October 28, 2012

An Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was observed at the time and location noted below.

Date: 28/10/2012 12:16 PM

Horizontal Accuracy: 65m

GPS: 23.8858° S, 151.2107° E


Field Notes: UFO seen at 8:00 EST Time size: possibly 50 meters across. Speed; unknown. Possible beings on board…. Description gray in color 4 ‘engines’ on the under side producing a bluish glow. Manufacturer; unknown. Symmetrical all sides round.

Gladstone, Queensland, Australia; 1997

Name: Glenn Shewin

Date: 1997

Location: Gladstone;Queensland Australia

What did the UFO look like: Triangular shape with white circular lights around the edge of the object, the object was around the size of a private jet, with no noticeable sound coming from the object.

Did the UFO do any strange things: While i was looking at the object it was hovering.

Additional comments: I seen the object as i was driving one night down to the corner shop for some milk, as i was driving up to the stop sighn at a T intersection i noticed white circular lights in a pattern of a triangle, the lights seemed to be hovering no more than 7 feet above the houses just across the street of the intersection, at first i didn’t think much of it, as i thought it was just a plane flying towards my direction from a distance, but the longer i looked at it the stranger it seemed.

So i pulled my car over to the side of the street and got out to have a decent look at the object, As i was looking at the object i soon realized it wasn’t a Plane, the reason being is that i could make out a faint outline of a triangular shape to the object.

Upon further inspection i also noticed the object actually was hovering about 7 feet above the roofs of the houses. I didn’t hang around to view the object for long because it was “bloody cold”. By the time i had got back from the shop it had gone.