Sand Mountain, Alabama, USA; February 23, 2008

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: 2238……. 2100hrs

Location of Event: sand mt. at the top of jones cove

Message: i saw  4 lights  in the  pasture on the edge of the gorge the outside lights were  400 ft apart there was 2 lights in the center  a white one  an aone  that  changed colors….i droveeee the car as close as i could to it   an  started flashing the  lights at it  then the two outside light zoomed to the center  as if to look my way then the  went back to to were  they were before .the lights stayed back there for 10 mins .then  a single white light appeared above the trees  got slightly brighter then   vanished .

Ankeny, Iowa, USA; February 9, 2008

Name: Weston nixon

Date of Event: 2/9/08

Location of Event: Ankeny Iowa right outside of Dmacc campus

Message: Lou you won’t believe it but here is another authentic ufo sighting as i was about to go home from serving gourmet dinners a Dmacc i was headed towards my car when i noticed a bright white light in the sky it was heading north at first but when i started observing it it switched directions and started heading my way {west} the white light then died out then the white light turned on again only it started flashing very slowly and the craft started glowing red this is similar to the craft that i reported to you last week but with this craft i felt like i was being observed because it looked almost stationary it wasn’t moving very quickly i was walking with a fellow student but i didn’t want to look stupid and point out the craft it was flying below the clouds and they were low what was weird the object disappeared right when i got in the car so it was like oh hes out of sight so then the object just left sounds corny but i think it could be a good possibility that i was being observed it sure felt like it

Altoona, Iowa, USA; February 9, 2008

Name: wes nixon

Date of Event: 2/9/08

Location of Event: Altoona Iowa

Message: i saw a long tube object fly over the city this ufo came from the north and was heading south at a fairly fast speed i observed that this object had windows or possibly holes could be one of the two but this object clearly wasn’t a plane because the object had no wings it was flying below the clouds and the clouds were not high in the sky so this object was flying pretty low and it was a tan colored craft i was on my way to work when i noticed this object in the sky it was in sight for about three minutes i watched it until it disappeared behind some trees in the distance once again lou i am puzzled by whats been going on in my area lately

Crown Point, Indiana, USA; February 18, 2008

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: February 18, 2008

Location of Event: Crown point indiana

Message: I never ever believed in Ufo’s but then on feburary 18, 2008 i saw one. I was walking my dog and decided to head home because of the extreme cold. Right when i got near my house I saw a purple disk it was stopped over my house and my neighbor’s. I stared at it for a second and then decided to try to get my brother, while i was walking towards my house i kept an eye on it and then when i was close to the my door it sped off with unbelievable out of this world speed and was gone in probably a half of second. I was scared shitless, i have nightmares and i am now a believer, but everybody thinks i’m crazy.

Concord, New Hampshire, USA; February 18, 2008

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: monday 2/18/08 7:30pm

Location of Event: concord nh

Message: Okay so this just happend, and i am not one to belive in ufo’s untill now. I standing outside my work taking a break. I looked up into the sky and i saw two lights (not planes) in the sky. I wondered if they were event lights at first then i noticed they were not making the same motions continusly. They were very close to eachother.

I watched for awhile, well unitll i got freaked out.I went back inside. After about ten mintues ir so i was wondering if they were still there so i went back outside and they were but this time circuling a diffrent area of the sky. I used to think people who had “sightings” were seeing things but boy was i wrong, i belive.