Fall 1973

Indiana, USA; Fall 1973

Name: greg

Date of Sighting: summer/fall 1973

Location of Sighting: northwest indiana

Number of UFO(s), including the Color(s), Size(s) and Shape(s): one ufo was made of a sphere with a rotating circle ring around it that had 3 lights mounted on it in the form of a triangle. green,red,blue. the center sphere also was sort of lit white but very dim and not distinct like the ring lights. it was about 60-80 yards across which looks HUGE when its floating 30 yards above you.

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: from about a mile away to right overhead maybe 70 ft. up, hard to say but i think i could hit it with a rock when i was 12 years old.

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): came out of south-east then left straight east

Other Known Object(s) (For possible reference, or contrast): it was as big as a 747

Further Description of Sighting: this is a picture i made of what we saw-

in the summer of 1973 i was 12 or 13 years old(my birthday is in july) i was watching TV(the six million dollar man) it was a new TV show and the only thing my stepfather watched.(until A-Team came out) my mother asked me to take out the paper trash to burn, we lived on a dead end street beside a very large swamp area and separated our paper to burn. we had a large mowed field next to our house before the swamp started, we always burned our paper trash at the edge of it before where the ground got too wet.

i reluctantly pulled myself away from the TV and ran out the back door grabbing the large paper grocery bag full of paper trash and a pack of paper matches. i ran to the edge of the field dropped the bag and flicked a few lit matches into it, waiting only a half second to make sure one lit the paper inside. and ran back into the house to return to the TV show. as i ran in my mother was still standing on the back porch holding open the screen door with her back,once i was in the kitchen but not yet to the living-room and TV, my mother said “greg, what IS that?”..twice..i turned around and she was still standing on the back porch , i walked to where she was and she was gazing off into the night sky,it was just after nightfall, maybe 6pm.

i looked to where she was looking and saw some flashing light in the distance and said “oh that’s just a…” that’s as far as i got, i realized it was not a plane..it was too low, and wobbling and the wrong colors and too slow.. i stared a moment before walking down onto the driveway to escape the light from the kitchen and see it better,and also to move toward it a bit..it was not a plane too slow,a helicopter,no sound, not a blimp too fast.

i realized rather quickly it did not fit any category of flying things. i stared at it intently and it was green and red and blue and some whitish light..and they were pulsing not flashing, and it seemed to wobble forward, kind of jerky looking, like 2 steps forward one step back..but it was headed our way and as it got closer i felt an overwhelming sense of awe and wonder and inside i knew this was unidentified and flying..my heart was beating but i felt calm and excited. hoping it was true but thinking any minute it would reveal itself to be a helicopter or something mundane.

it didn’t, it came directly to me and this huge craft silently floated above me and my yard and my house and was now so low i felt sure it intended on landing in the field next to me. i was thinking love and peace and i want to meet you and let me see inside your ship..and it seemed to be in agreement as it approached,i squinted to look for windows in the center sphere, i think i saw some ports but they were small and with all the glare and lights and it being night i could not be sure, but i did feel watched. more than that i felt “telepathy-ed at” or heard.. or understood or something.

it was going to land, i knew it. i realized it was so close i could hit it with a rock! or my BB gun..or the 22 rifle behind our back door!..and call the news and be famous..and the very next rotation of that glorious ring drifted the ufo away from me…it had changed directions..they heard my thoughts!

i ran in the house and the gun was not behind the door. i ran back out and it was really leaving..it slowly did its rotate slide rotate slide to the east away from me and my chance to ..do something.

it went east and over I-65 again a half mile north of where i first saw it and disappeared into the distance.
i was never the same after that.

after all these years i have come to some conclusions. it was held aloft the same way a magnet is when held over another magnet with matching poles facing each other- i could “feel it”..it was not antigravity, it was suspended inside the earths magnetic field somehow, it was manipulating the magnetic fields around itself.silent.smooth. efficient . it had lights even tho it seemed to try to broadcast the night sky on its underside., why cloak itself and have bright pulsing lights?,,why would aliens need or care to follow FAA rules or any earth laws..why have lights at all if you want to sneak?

it did not want some normal plane or something to crash into IT..the only thing that makes sense, or it was just taken for granted that of course anything flying at night especially, needs lights..right? by humans this logic holds.

i was amazed at the technology of that thing, hundreds of years ahead of mankind if not more!..but i think the lights were man-made.
and the more i think about it the more i think it was a ufo for sure but not from space.

maybe the original idea or some tech in it was from space, but we were the ones who had it now. we were hundreds of years ahead of man kind… now after seeing the tic tacs ..my old 1973 ufo seems like an old fashioned version, almost a laughable funny machine.