East Hartford

East Hartford, Connecticut, USA; December 5, 2007

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: 12/5/2007 11pm

Location of Event: I84 East around exit 59-60

Message: I was driving on 84east in Connecticut passing exits 59-60 when I saw in the distance three bright lights, at first i though it was a plane but then i noticed it was way to low to the ground to be a plane i kept my eye on it and as i drove over a couple of hills i lost sight of it. Then a couple of miles later it was over the high way but higher up, what i saw was a huge bright light in the center along with two smaller lights to the side, it was making no noise and was just floating not moving, other cars were on the road but i wasnt paying attention to their reactions.

If anyone else saw this please let me know because i was by myself in the car, there always is the possibility it was a plane however i feel in this situation it was highly unlikely