Sherborne, Dorset, England, UK; September, 2009

Date of Sighting: Sep-09 21:00

Location of Sighting: Sherborne, Dorset

Brief Description of sighting: Saw a very bright light – looking south to right of the moon. It was very large. There were four or five bright lights.

Wimborne Minster, Dorset, England, UK; August 15, 2009

Date of Sighting: 15-Aug-09 23:50

Location of Sighting: Wimborne, Dorset

Brief Description of sighting: Pair of “lanterns” directly overhead, slightly faster than a plane, faster than a satellite, slower than a meteor.

Poole, Dorset, England, UK; August 4, 2009

Date of Sighting: 04-Aug-09 09:50

Location of Sighting: Poole, Dorset

Brief Description of sighting: A bright white fire ball, size of a football flew into the kitchen and landed in a plastic carrier bag on the table, immediately disappeared but seemed to cause almost blinding white, sheet lightening.

Bridport, Dorset, England, UK; June 25, 2009

Date of Sighting: 25-Jun-09 23:00

Location of Sighting: Bridport, Dorset

Brief Description of sighting: Three orange lights south of Bridport coming from the east. They were the size of a two thirds moon. Moved away to the West rapidly diminishing.

Christchurch, Dorset, England, UK; Reported: July 16, 2008

Date of Sighting: Message taken 16 July 2008

Location of Sighting: Christchurch, Dorset

Brief Description of sighting: A large, silver metallic disc. The UFO was seen over two weeks ago.