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Date of Sighting: 25-Dec-08 22:40 Location of Sighting: Carlisle, Cumbria Brief Description of sighting: Four or five bright lights moving across sky north of Carlisle. Orange in colour. Retained a constant altitude then dissappeared from view heading westwards.

Date of Sighting: 20-Jun-08 23:00 Location of Sighting: Kendal, Cumbria Brief Description of sighting: There was a quite low, red and an orange light. A bright, phosphorus white light fell from the orange light towards the ground, before disappearing. The red light was static throughout the sighting.

Date of Sighting: No Firm Date Location of Sighting: Beckfoot, Cumbria Brief Description of sighting: A definite UFO. It was an elongated, amber object. Then as the object sped up, it changed to white in colour and then became very bright. (Message taken 17 December 2007).