Crown Point

Crown Point, Indiana, USA; October 13, 2020

Date of Sighting: October 13, 2020

Location of Sighting: Crown Point

Number of UFO(s), including the Color(s), Size(s) and Shape(s): Me and my brother only saw one but it was flashing multiple colors that vary from reds,blues, and greens and white. And i seemed to be a circular object

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: It was close to our house but way up in the sky

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): It just disappeared going farther from my house

Other Known Object(s) (For possible reference, or contrast): None really

Further Description of Sighting: Me and my brother brought the trash cans out to the road when he said look, i turned and looked and saw it. We both were freaked out and we stared at it. It didn’t move for about 10 minutes and that’s when we decided to go get our younger brother from inside the house. When we came back outside to look at it, we saw it for about a second before it was gone in under a second. We freaked out and ran inside.

Crown Point, Indiana, USA; October 22, 2020

Name: Audrey

Date of Event: Thurs. Oct. 22

Location of Event: South Main St, Crown Point, IN

Message: Last night I saw 2 UFOs. One was flashing green light and was barely moving. The other woke my father up with a blinding red light right outside his window. No cars, no airplanes, and nothing in sight.

Crown Point, Indiana, USA; February 18, 2008

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: February 18, 2008

Location of Event: Crown point indiana

Message: I never ever believed in Ufo’s but then on feburary 18, 2008 i saw one. I was walking my dog and decided to head home because of the extreme cold. Right when i got near my house I saw a purple disk it was stopped over my house and my neighbor’s. I stared at it for a second and then decided to try to get my brother, while i was walking towards my house i kept an eye on it and then when i was close to the my door it sped off with unbelievable out of this world speed and was gone in probably a half of second. I was scared shitless, i have nightmares and i am now a believer, but everybody thinks i’m crazy.

Crown Point, New York, USA; September 19, 2009

Name: Tammy

Date of Sighting (and time if known): September 19, 2009, 9:00ish pm

Location of Sighting: Crown Point, NY from Lake Champlain

Shape(s) of UFO(s) (If Known): Cone shaped light pointing down onto the lake. It looked like a flashlight from the sky then disappeared into a small cloud after about 15-20 seconds. It was completely gone shortly after, without any noise. Very freaky due to the fact that I was anchored at an island without any other boat in sight.

Crown Point, Indiana, USA; October, 1967

Name: If anonymous, leave this, too.

Date of Event: october 1967

Location of Event: Crown Point , Indiana (northwest , Indiana)

Message: Hello- I’m so glad to find your website. I am interested to know if you have records of UFO sightings in Crown Point, Indiana or in Lake County, Indiana ( northwest)back in 1967. My husband and I were involved in a sighting back in those days and I have always wondered if there were any others that reported sightings from then, also.

We were very young and didn’t know about UFO investigations and were very shocked by our experience, also, especially since we had our new baby in a car bed in the back seat of our car. I would be very appreciative to hear if anyone else has anything to say about that time frame and area. Many thanks