Denver, Colorado, USA; August 20, 2007

Name: Lara

Date: August 20, 2007 10pm

Location: Denver, CO

Message: So last night I’m looking toward the mountains and I see a crazy light pattering in the distance. There was about 5 red lights blinking vertically and other yellow lights on the sides. It was dark, but I could kind of make out that there was a mass surrounding the lights.

It seemed to be moving becuase the tree near me kept blacking out different parts, and there was no wind. I checked back 30 mins later and it was still at the same viewpoint. I just moved here so I thought maybe there was a building in the distance that I hadn’t noticed, but when I looked in the same spot this morning there was nothing but the mountains in the distance.

Lakewood, Colorado, USA; December 21, 2009

Name: anonymous

Date of Sighting: 12/21/2009 5:20pm

Location of Sighting: Lakewood, CO …. Wadsworth

Shape(s) of UFO(s): little circles

Color(s) of UFO(s): white

Number of UFO(s): 3

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: over city of Denver

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): First 1 went South, 1 went East, and the 3rd one went South, also

Further Description of Sighting: I was driving on my way to work and I looked in the sky and seen 3 lights, in a triangular shape. They were bright lights, and then they shot down towards the city of Denver, they stopped, the bottom one shoots South, like a shooting star, i blinked and it was gone.

The other 2, sit there for about 10 seconds, then far to the right, there were 3 little dots (looked like Jets, not passenger airplane) the top one shoots East really fast, like the first one(like a blink of an eye) jet-lookin things come closer, and the last one shoots South, again. There was nothing left, but 3 jets in the sky.

If you do contact a witness, please be respectful to them.

Contact Email of Witness:

Colorado, USA; 1955

Name: marty minetto

Date: 1955

Location: Colorado

Message: this all started when i was five years old 1955 ,ive tryed to tell this ufo incounter to mnfon with no response and to stan friedman no reply, but ill try one more time.

as iam getting on in years and my health is not good, when this all started my grandfather made me swear on a bible i would never ever tell anyone as this could hurt our family, but he also said a day would come when i knew it was o.k. i beleave this time is now.

my grandfather used to tell me these wounderfull bed time stories only me not any other family members we had no t.v. just a radio that my dad listed to so hearing my gradfather stories were great one friday nite as he talked to me he asked me if i scared easly and i said no,

then he told me that he wanted me to go with him on a walk saturday after we had lunch as was not to tell no one, just then my grandmother came into the bedroom and said it was my bed time, then grandpa stood up and told i,am going to show the boy tomorrow he understands what ive been telling him, grandma started to cry and told me tomorrow was going to be a wonderfull day for and to stay with grandpa and do just what he said and not to be afraid of somethings i might see that it was o.k. to always trust grandpa then she hugged me and told grandpa to make sure he keept his promise to her years earlier, then i was told to go to bed, that nite was hard to sleep as what lay ahead for me the next kept me awake most of the nite

after breakfast i went out side to play and shortime latter grandpa came walking up to me and asked if i was ready to go for that walk? he took my hand and said lets go boy we walked down to the dirt road and turned onto the next dirt road past the field where my dad kept the milking cows it seemed o.k. and then we stopped after whet seemed to me a long time because i could no longer see the farm house just the hills and lower fields just then the wind came up and dirt and stuff went into my eyes and grandpa bent down and picked me up and put my head into his shoulder and spoke into my ear there here son no please dont be afraid there my friends and yours and i heard this load humming

i turned to look and saw this huge thing in the road it was big to me we just stood there and then grandpa put me down on the road and told me agin his words this time were diffrent he said be kind and respectfull and stand where i was and not to move until he told me, i was scared let me tell you but i did my best to hide as i told him i would,nt then a door opened on the side of this object and two people came out and walked towards us grandpa walked towards them and they spoke in some kind of stuff i could not understand after a few min.s they walked towards me and gandpa said i was to go with him and he would come in a few min,s i would be o.k. i was not to speak to them until told to do so no matter what and he said marty do you understand and i said yes,

we went inside and it was out of this world people coming and going noise everywhere we walked up this ramp into this large area that had ( to looked like a doctors office ) tables and lights and a rflective wall then this person put me on this table and took this crown looking thing with two bent prongs at the top and placed it on my head and just for a second it hurt but went right away and then i heard do you understand what i say to you and i said yes when this person spoke to me i could understand every thing he said, then he said lets go find samule that was my grandfathers name

a few min,s later we were with my grandfather and he told this person to go ahead and show me the craft but only safe areas i had no idea at the time what he ment as we went from place to place he asked if i was thursty or hungrey and i told him could i have something to drink and he went over to this wall put his hand on this thing and water filled this contanier hegave it to me and i drink it and let me tell you it was great i could not beleave how good it taste,

then he took me to the what i think was the engine room was it big he told me they ran on water and some day our people would know how to use water to make things move he called it hydro pluse magnetic energy fromthe earths field. it allowed them to go as slow or as fast as they wanted ,

they came from a place here on earth but beneath our time they where with us all the time but i would learn more as i got older that i was the first in many a long time to come to know these things since that day in colorado ive had two more incounters 1997 and agin 2001 i know now who they are and what they are there is so much more to tell you but i guess when you tell the truth people don,t beleave i know now why i was never to tell my storie until now because of the pain it has caused me i lost my family and they think iam nuts but i know the truth and i guess ill go to my grave this way but someone should listen because what the future holds for us is wonderfull but no one is listing

if you want to know more e-mail or call yours truly m. minetto p.s. dont wait tolong

Denver, Colorado, USA; June 15, 2007

Name: Jess

Date: June 15, 2007

Location: Denver, Colorado

Message: Last Night, June 15 2007, My husband and I were coming home from the movies and saw what looked like the old stealth planes. You know the ones with the red light in the center? We watched that thing hover over the same area for at least 5 minutes. After a while, it seemed to move at a very slow speed and a very low altitude over our city. We live near DIA and it just seemed to be going around our general area.

It seemed to be traveling around the border of our city limits. We noticed after a few minutes that it was being followed by several other low flying (planes?) but they seemed to keep their distance. It was just weird. Anyway, I’m glad I found this site, cuz i wanted to tell someone. This was at around 11:30 pm. The plane, stealth thing, or whatever it was went lower or landed or whatever around 12:15 or so, and the other (planes) went away soon after.

I don’t know if we saw a UFO or what. My husband said it was a stealth plane and he was Military, so I’ll go by what he said, but what was it doing here?

It moved so … smoothly. And it was very graceful in the sky. I have just never seen one move like that before.

Anyway, thanks for listening,

Castle Rock, Colorado, USA; June 1, 2008

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: June 1st-7th, 2008
9:00pm-11:30pm each time

Location of Event: Between Castle Rock and Parker, CO
20 miles southeast of Denver

Message: In the past week, I have had 3 sightings of lights that cannot be explained by anything other than “not normal”. By normal, I mean something that can be given a logical explanation. These sightings of lights in the sky would always occur when I was in the car with my mom on the highway. My mom is a research biologist, and even she believes it could be extraterrestrial life.

The first sighting was wavy, flowing lights, that looked very similar to the Northern Lights, however, it would only appear in the clouds. These lights were blue, green, and red. My mom tried to find a spot where she could pull over and look at them, however, by the time she could, they were gone.

The second sighting can only be described as two white lights that looked like two very stretched out search lights. They were not round whatsoever, more like two rods of light. They, again, would only appear in the clouds. These lights would cross-over each other, just as search lights do. As soon as the cloud would move away, the lights would disappear, and then re-appear as soon as there was cloud cover. I was describing them to my mom, and once again, she tried to pull over and spot them. When she finally could, they had disappeared, just as they had the night before.

The third sighting, and the strangest and longest of them all, happened last night.

From the very beginning to until they vanished, it lasted about 45 minutes. Again, my mom and I were driving down the highway when I looked at the car window, and spotted a glowing, green light in the clouds. It was moving in an oval shaped pattern in the clouds, and whenever it reached the edge of the cloud cover and hit the night sky, it would disappear, then re-appear as it went into the cloud cover again.

As it would move in this pattern, it would flash along the way. It never changed color, never grew dimmer, and never fell out of sight. I had been telling my mom about what I saw every time, and was always disappointed when they were gone when she could look. I had been so fascinated by this sighting, that I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

My mom glanced very quickly at the sky, and she saw a brief glimpse of the green light. I expected this light to disappear once again, just as they had the previous nights, but this light didn’t. My mom finally pulled over, and was able to take a very long look at it, and she saw the exact same thing. A round, green, flashing light in the clouds.

Suddenly, our little green light was not alone. There were two green lights right next to each other. Same size, same color, same shape, in other words…identical.

The two lights began to almost chase each other in a small circle at speeds faster than any jet my mom has ever seen fly at. They would fly and chase each other for about 5-10 seconds, disappear, then re-appear and chase for another 5 seconds, and so on and so forth. After about 20 minutes of this chasing act, they stopped and became slightly smaller, and then just vanished. I tried to spot them, or anything like them, the whole way home, but it was just black sky.

We’ve told 2 or 3 friends but every reaction was a strange look, and laugh, and some stupid comment on our mental stability. We both know that we saw those lights, and we both know that we not under ANY sort of influence. If anyone has seen anything similar to any of these sightings, particularly the third one, please post it. I know we are not alone, and after last night, I’ve never believed it more.