Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA; May, 1994

Name: Tracy

Date of Event: May 1994

Location of Event: Chattanooga, TN

Message: Leaving my senior prom,about 11 p.m., my date and I were driving over Market St. Bridge and saw a set of three lights in a triangular pattern. We had not been drinking so our minds were clear. The radio was on and there were several callers on the radio asking if there was a weather balloon or other low flying aircraft in the area but Lovell Field Airport had reported nothing in the area.

The lights moved in an irregular pattern, seemingly darting back and forth, not a common flight patter nor anything like a helicopter. One second they were here and the next a little over then almost back where they were to begin with. It was really weird. Undoubtedly, there were others who saw it too as there were numerous callers calling in on the radio. I am not saying it was a UFO but I am definately not saying it wasn’t.

Being an Earth and Space Science major, I have learned to question everything, believe some things, and ignore nothing. There IS a logical explanation, and if it were a UFO, then I would be happy just knowing it. I have always hated not knowing.

Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA; December, 1997

Name: Gene

Date of Sighting: December of 1997

Location of Sighting: about 5 miles from Chattanooga,Tn

Further Description of Sighting: I can remember the details so clearly about my sighting. It was in December of 1997. My wife and I had just left the mall on a Saturday evening and were traveling on I-24 eastbound about 5 miles from Chattanooga,Tn.

The time was approximately 530-600pm the sun was setting behind Lookout Mountain and the sky had a slight orange glow to it. As I topped the hill past the East Brainerd exit I saw a silver horse shoe shaped object in the sky moving very slowly between myself and Lookout Mountain.

The ends of the object were glowing white as it seemed to be dispelling energy from those 2 endings. The dimentions of the object seemed to be 10′ tall by 40′ long. The object rotated 180 degrees and as I turned to my wife to ask her if she could see this, the object shot rapidly out of sight.

This left me speechless because I have never seen an object even similar to this or go from near motionless to out of sight in less that 5 seconds. That evening when I returned home I drew this object the exact way I remember seeing it and noted everything that happened.

The time length of the entire sighting was approximately 15 seconds. Right place, right time. I have yet to see this type of object again in the skys foreign or domestic.

Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA; October 15, 1999

Name: Kimmie

Date: October 15, 1999

Location: Chattanooga,TN

What did the UFO look like: kinda a silver color its was very shiny and it had strange lights that would flash on and off.

Did the UFO do any strange things: it hovered over some woods and then took off in a north-west direction.

Additional comments: it was very scary

Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA; August, 1998

Name: Chris

Date of Event: August ?, 1998

Location of Event: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Message: Me and my mom were at this place called Happy Wash off Hixson Pike (in a plaza that also contains a CiCi’s Pizza, what used to be a Bi-lo, and a Chinese restaurant). I looked up and saw a bunch of shapes (about 7, shaped exactly like the steriotypical saucers) to the left of a building that I think houses a bank across the street. They stayed completely still but they were all in the air pretty high up.

I thought it was too weird to be real so every now and then I ask my mom if she remembers it. I asked her before I typed this just to be sure and she still remembers it. It’s one of those things you never forget. They were in a weird place and it was daylight so I can understand people not seeing them, but I wish I could find someone else who saw them that day.