August 2014

Windsor, California, USA; August 8, 2014

Name: Cynthia

Date of Event: Aug 8, 2014. ( around 10:30pm)

Location of Event: Windsor, calif

Message: My dog seemed when usually focused on the living room window. I noticed an odd number of amber light reflections in the window. Curious, I opened the front door and was shocked to see 8 or 9 orange yellow orbs flying towards our house, except at a high altitude.

I called my husband and he was speechless. They increased their altitude and were silent, luminous, and large. One orb was larger than the rest and seemed to direct the other orbs as they split off from each other. Half flew East, the rest turned right, flying Northwest..

The largest orb flew foreword and then shot in reverse in a second, as if in a straight line. .All of them went dark simultaneously.

Merced County, California, USA; Summer, 2014

Name: Jack

Location of Sighting: night skies over Merced, Stanislaus counties.

These craft are too high up to see a shape just the lights(green, red) these craft show up about 8:30 PM and are hovering for some hours before leaving and when they move they move very slowly, very gradual. I’m thinking some kind of helicopter or maybe drones?

Date of Sighting: 2014 June- September every night, go look

Trout Lake, Washington, USA; August 22, 2014

Name: Julio M. Barriere

Date of Event: August 22, 2014

Location of Event: Trout Lake, Washington

Message: Hi I’m presently at Mt. Adams, Trout Lake, Washington. Micheal Tellinger has a conference here at James Gililand estate. James Gililand and Ed Gremsley are here as well. I’m camping out and I was here two years ago.

Constant Ufos fly over this area every night all night long. I find more traffic with Ufos here than Joshua Tree. Both these places are hotbeds for Ufos and are sacred. Theirs no problems with the star ships that follow me around the world with these other benevolent super beings in both these places that I have travel. I spoke to these guests who came here at Mt. Adams for the first time and they didn’t even know of this disclosure was here.

Its unbelievable how the media doesn’t show our star people to our world. I looked up at the sky and spoke out to these star people that are passing over and also I spoke to the star people that follow me. I told them that we should have more global peace in our world. That all benevolent extraterrestrials should have more peace throughout the intergalactic universes.

I’m traveling around the country and the world to introduce my star fleet. Julio M. Barriere


Joshua Tree, California, USA; August 9, 2014

Name: Julio Mariano Barriere

Location of Sighting: The Giant Rock in Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley, California. I am still at the “Contact in the Desert’ conference here in Joshua Tree. I had other witnesses verify the fleet of Ufos that follow me around the world this past Thursday, August 8th and Friday, August 9th. This fleet of Ufos can be seen on clear night skies anywhere that I am present.

Dr. Steven Greer was here last night to give his global and universal peace message to the world and universe. I played my Tibetan bowls tones on my boom boxes that I sync Bluetooth from my apple products as well as Dr Steven application of ET tools.

I had results with flying saucers flying in all directions in Central Park two years ago with playing ET tools. I also had results this past June with this alien ship playing tones similar to the Tibetan bowls but it sounded like tones that I couldn’t acknowledge what kind of musical instruments were being use that I wasn’t familiar with listening with my ear before.

So now I’m going to start talking to these super beings and played my Tibetan bowls tones and Dr. Steven Greer ET Tools more often.

Date of Sighting: Saturday, August 9th 2014

Color(s), Size(s) & Shape(s) of UFO(s): They look like very bright stars even in New York City they stand out bright in light polluted skies. Their very bright circular with one very bright light on each one with black in the middle of these crafts.

Number of, Distance Away & Direction of Travel for UFO(s): Some nights they are more than other nights. Stars aren’t born unless in consider a star. They just hover everywhere I go. Maybe forty to fifty thousand feet because I live near John F. Kennedy airport so they must be at a higher elevation.

I had a changing of a guard one time over Jamaica Bay in Queens, New York. A fleet of Ufos was relieving another fleet of Ufos. They were passing each other in a slow stop and go procession. These Ufos always just hover in a 360 panoramic view of a clear night sky.

Other Known Object(s) (For possible reference, or contrast): This Joshua Tree is a hotbed for many other Ufos beside this fleet of Ufos that follow me around the world.

Further Description of Sighting: They just hover and can be seen with the naked eye by anyone on clear night skies. They constantly moved in the sky and hover where ever I’m present. I sent out two names and contacts to Mufon of the fleet of Ufos that follow me around the world from Joshua Tree. I also sent this report to etletstalk and other UFO organizations. They look like very bright.