Jefferson City, Montana, USA; August, 2007

Name: Rebecca

Date of Event: August 07  close to midnight

Location of Event: Jefferson City, MT

Message: I had stepped outside for my ciggarette before bed, looking somewhat southwest towards Corbin and Wicks from Jefferson City; up above the mountains was a large bright white light, surrounding the light were four smaller lights all at different distances. These smaller lights would literally take turns swooping in at the large white light and return to a different spot away from the large white light.

I watched this for over an hour! All the time the large white light would slowly move back and forth while the smaller lights would swoop in and back again towards it. Now, i have never been one to think much about what could be out their besides what’s on out planet, but after that night and knowing nothing can move as fast or in different directions like that, now I’m certain we’re not all that exists out their.

Birmingham, Alabama, USA; August 19, 2007

Name: Mark

Date: August 19th 8:30 – 9:00 P.M.

Location: Old Springville road above townhouses at Summersby complex Alabama Birmingham

Message: My wife and I were driving home on the night of August 19th 2007. We were driving on Old Springville road toward our home. We were passing by the summersby townhome community at approx 8:30 – 9:00 P.M.. My wife excitedly startled me and cried out “look, look”. Hovering above several townhomes, one in particular, was a very large elliptical object, with the appearence of two dinner plates stacked attop the other.

There appeared to be about four levels arranged in concentric rings, and there were rectangle shaped lights of verying brightness arranged around the perimeter of the craft. We were amazed, and I immediately drove into this neighborhood to get a closer look. After doing this we lost sight of the craft and it apparently had either manuvered away, or somehow cloaked itself.

I’m thinking the latter just because of the speed of its departure from our vision. he chilling fact about this sighting is that it is the second time weve seen it hovering in the same place. It really concerns me about the family in this vicinity and their safety. I wander if they have seen it or if they are completely oblivious to it?

Kailua, Hawaii, USA; August 13, 2007

Name: Yolanda O.

Date: August 13,2007, Monday evening just before 9 p.m.

Location: Henry St., Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Message: I was driving to Lanihau shopping center just off Henry St. I had stopped on Henry St. heading Mauka (East) so my vehicle was stopped waiting to turn left to the shopping center.

Suddenly I saw a bright greenish blue ball object heading West to East. It had a tail that followed and a rounded head. It almost looked like a firework flare but it was up…way up in the heavens. I was hoping to see it head further. It seems to be traveling as a meteor does but slower, and easy to follow because of its brightness. Suddenly it sort of “poofed” and disappeared into the darkness but for a brief moment it left a small fragment of itself in the sky (maybe an even smaller one as well).

It was an amazing sight. Bigger than a meteor and slower. Bright and greenish/blue in color and then the “poof”.

Lewes, Delaware, USA; August 15, 2007

Name: Molly

Date: 9:45 PM 8/15/07

Location: Lewes Delaware, over Village of 5 points

Message: I noticed two lights in the sky that were very bright that were making like spotlights in the sky…there was also a light that looked as if it was located on the back end of the object, immediately it struck me as something other then a airplane…it seemed much larger then any airplane and seemed to float rather then fly, the speed of the object seemed much different then a airplane too… made a real different sound then an airplane…like a future-istic kind of humming noise.

As the object got further away the lights were blinking rather then shining straight like a spotlight….It sure did not look like any airplane I have ever seen before.

Denver, Colorado, USA; August 20, 2007

Name: Lara

Date: August 20, 2007 10pm

Location: Denver, CO

Message: So last night I’m looking toward the mountains and I see a crazy light pattering in the distance. There was about 5 red lights blinking vertically and other yellow lights on the sides. It was dark, but I could kind of make out that there was a mass surrounding the lights.

It seemed to be moving becuase the tree near me kept blacking out different parts, and there was no wind. I checked back 30 mins later and it was still at the same viewpoint. I just moved here so I thought maybe there was a building in the distance that I hadn’t noticed, but when I looked in the same spot this morning there was nothing but the mountains in the distance.