Maesteg, Wales, UK; August 10, 2003

Date of Sighting: 10-Aug-03 23:15

Location of Sighting: Maesteg, Mid-Glamorgan

Brief Description of sighting: Roundish, football shaped. Flashing lights-multi coloured. The lights were on top, then moved around the object.

Worcester, England, UK; August 27, 2003

Date of Sighting: 27-Aug-03 23:00

Location of Sighting: Worcester, Worcestershire

Brief Description of sighting: A helium type balloon, size of a moon, with flashing blue and red lights, moving north along the line of the A38 over the area south of Worcester.

Lincoln, England, UK; August 21, 2003

Date of Sighting: 21-Aug-03 14:00

Location of Sighting: Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Brief Description of sighting: The object was cigar shaped, grey in colour with domed ends, was silent and very slow.

Perthshire, Scotland, UK; August 19, 2003

Date of Sighting: 19-Aug-03 23:30

Location of Sighting: St Seithins, Perthshire

Brief Description of sighting: Object with two white lights and one red and one orange in the middle, both flashing.

Bonnybridge, Scotland, UK; August 17, 2003

Date of Sighting: 17-Aug-03 23:45

Location of Sighting: Bonnybridge, Central

Brief Description of sighting: Just said a sighting.