Severy, Kansas, USA; April 11, 2008

Name: Jamie

Location: Severy, Kansas

Date: April, 11, 2008

Message: My husband and our children were driving towards Wichita just outside of Severy Kansas on April 11 2008. It was approximately 9:30 P.M. when a huge greenish blue orb appeared for about 2 seconds. It was headed towards the ground at a fast rate but it disappeared before it hit the ground. Even though it was about a mile away from us, we could tell it was too large to be a shooting star and its color was unlike anything I’d seen in the skies before.

Barnwell, South Carolina, USA; April 21, 2008

Name: mygrane

Date of Event: april 21 12:45am

Location of Event: barnwell south caralina

Message: as me and my friend sat in my car he spotted a light from a distince that he couldent make out ..he ask me do you see that it was a light in the western skys head in our way it was about low as a pine tree and it flew over us with no sound and then it vanised we were so scared that we just left…we didnt say anything becouse we didnt wont people to think we were crazy….its so true that every time i talk about it tears fall in my eyes..

Versailles, Kentucky, USA; April 21, 2008

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: April 21, 2008 around 11:15pm

Location of Event: Versailles, Kentucky – Southern Woodford County

Message: While returning home from an out of town trip, I noticed two (BRIGHT AND LARGE) stars hovering below the brightly lit moon. While driving they seemed to be still and that is why I thought they were stars. When I came to a stop sign, with no one behind me, I took my time there. I rolled my window down to see that they were moving, not stationary.

They flew toward each other in a straight line and before they came together completely, they quickly turned and headed in opposit directions. They did this several times. I don’t believe these were planes because there were NO blinking lights. Just very bright. This creeped me out so I rolled my window up and when home. I was just wondering if anyone else may have seen anything simular to this in this area? Thanks.

Altoona, Iowa, USA; April 2, 2008

Name: wes nixon

Date of Event: 4/2/08 9:40 PM

Location of Event: Altoona iowa usa

Message: Hey Lou!

I was sitting in my sunroom, and i happened to look out the window at the eastern sky and noticed a slow moving bright white light. As it drew closer i noticed there were actually three lights. Now these lights were in a triangular formation! Also this craft had bright and red lights. Red on the right, and blue on the left underneath the craft. This object was heading west slow and looked large, and you could tell it was a solid black object. I watched it for less than five minutes. The weather tonight is partly cloudy and fairly warm.