Ankeny, Iowa, USA; June 1, 2008

Name: Sue Navratil

Date of Event: 06/01/08

Location of Event: Ankeny, Iowa

Message: At first we thought it was a shooting star, until it came back and was flitting around the sky like an insect.  It was a light, like a star, at cloud level, and moved all around the sky.  We saw it for several minutes, and then it was gone.

Ankeny, Iowa, USA; February 9, 2008

Name: Weston nixon

Date of Event: 2/9/08

Location of Event: Ankeny Iowa right outside of Dmacc campus

Message: Lou you won’t believe it but here is another authentic ufo sighting as i was about to go home from serving gourmet dinners a Dmacc i was headed towards my car when i noticed a bright white light in the sky it was heading north at first but when i started observing it it switched directions and started heading my way {west} the white light then died out then the white light turned on again only it started flashing very slowly and the craft started glowing red this is similar to the craft that i reported to you last week but with this craft i felt like i was being observed because it looked almost stationary it wasn’t moving very quickly i was walking with a fellow student but i didn’t want to look stupid and point out the craft it was flying below the clouds and they were low what was weird the object disappeared right when i got in the car so it was like oh hes out of sight so then the object just left sounds corny but i think it could be a good possibility that i was being observed it sure felt like it