Benllech, Anglesey, Wales, UK; October 26, 1999

Date of Sighting: 26-Oct-99 18:40

Location of Sighting: Benllech, Anglesey

Brief Description of sighting: A white, onion shaped object, which was glowing white, with sparks. Was moving rapidly in a straight line.

Anglesey, Wales, UK; December 5, 1997

Date of Sighting: 05-Dec-97 02:09

Location of Sighting: 8 Miles West, Isle of Anglesey

Brief Description of sighting: A bright, circular red light. About 3mm in diameter, relative to cockpit windscreen. Was moving in a Westerly direction.

Holyhead Mountain, Anglesey, Wales, UK; November, 1996

Name: Alun Hughes

Date: November, 1996; 11:??:??

Location: Holyhead Mountain, Anglesey

Message: A bright yellow/White Light, Shape was round. Size unknown

It hovered motionless in the sky, just above Holyhead Mountain. It was not a flare because it did not fall or move. After about 5 minutes it slowly faded out on the spot into nothing.