Stevens County, Washington, USA; September 29, 2017

Name: Ray Bartelds

Date of Event: September 29, 2017

Location of Event: Eastern Washington

Message: “On September 29/30, 2017, sometime between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am, I think around midnight, I witnessed a huge object, larger than the full moon would be. The object was circular, like a planet, and it appeared at first to have a gaseous composition, with no “wings” or tail.

I live in Stevens County, Washington. I was facing the south, generally, working on a car, and didn’t notice it at first. I just noticed the earth tremor-type rumblings I often now hear and feel were intensified. The noise level was way up from what I normally experience.

By the way, this on-and-off trembling started in early 2015 and continues to this day. I have lived here about 50 years and have worked closely with the land, being a farmer. I have not experienced these tremors and sometimes wave-like, rumblings before 2015. It drives me nuts, because no one I know seems to notice them.

Anyway, I noticed that around me, everything lit up like it was breaking dawn, with tints of red and yellow. There were sparkling, dancing lights on the trees. There was a thunder-like and roaring sound too. I looked up and thought at first it was the moon, and that it was way too close as I looked.

This was a planet-like object and was moving from East to Southeast, and down. At first the color was dark red, with a streaky, moving, black cloud, when the bottom suddenly shone bright yellow. I stared in disbelief as I looked hard, that’s not the moon! And I was sure it was going to hit us.

Then suddenly there was this moment when the gas surrounding the mass all swept upwards, towards the top, so that for a short instant, I could see what was underneath. It was very brutalized-looking, I was sure I did see some craters and rough rocky-looking formations.

Real harsh, and very unfriendly was my thought at that moment. The gases were moving around, and going back and forth, obscuring it once more. It then turned a dark red again, only now all the black “gas” was on top.

Then, the black gas started moving in black, hair-like streaks, breaking over the front of it, pulsating from the top toward the bottom while it was moving on past me. I watched as it disappeared from my view, dropping down below the horizon.

The whole event lasted less than 4 minutes. It never hit anything to my knowledge. It was a strange, horrible experience. Keep in mind, that the moon that night was, I think, in it’s waxing phase, because the next night I noticed the moon was a little more than half-moon, and was normal.

No one else I know witnessed this event, I checked online and no one else heard about it. Finally, however, I found a picture of the gas planet “Hercolumbus”, and it looks a lot like it.

Geyserville, California, USA; March, 2017

Name: V

Date of Sighting: 03/2017 – Present

Location of Sighting: Lytton Alexander Spngs/Geyserville CA

Number of UFO(s), including the Color(s), Size(s) and Shape(s): 3-6

3: VERY bright, flashy ‘gold'(/yellow compared to all surrounding stars/satellites ) Unsure how large, witnessed a large passenger plane fly behind it, So it was within 20 miles of me.

1-2: Also Extremely bright compared to stars, rapidly and slowly flashes green, red and blues, (not like the illusion stars give off due to atmospheric refraction) very defined and bright.

1: Extremely large (747, give or take) possible V shaped or Triangle, No lights whatsoever, no illumination from an engine, extremely low deep whirring sound. Traveling at a very low rate of speed.

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: 4: Unknown but within 20 miles

1-3: Unknown; Very high

1: 1-500 feet

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): 4: All have come from the ground or from towards to the ocean behind the hills when in Geyserville. They dart around/”bounce” and stop alot, two of them seem to have reacted to when i flash them with my very bright spotlight

1-3: Unknown; they just appear and disappear without much of a scene,

1: Came from the Ocean over the hills heading along 101S diagonally, if in a straight line would end up in Sonoma/Napa Hills. (Lost visual of it against the background of hills, object to dark but was barely audible for more than 15 mins)

Other Known Object(s) (For possible reference, or contrast): Small Aircraft (Private)
Small to Medium Jets (USAF/Private)
Helicopters (News Type/USAF)
Dust Croppers (Wineries)

Further Description of Sighting: All are happening on a nightly basis at the Virginia Dare/Francis Coppola Wineries region. Area is like a Bowl with a rim of hills. Good vantage points and open views of entire area miles around.

Should come and research

Larkspur, California, USA; December 2, 2017

Name: Teresa

Date of Sighting: December 2, 2017, around 6:30pm

Location of Sighting: Larkspur

Number of UFO(s), including the Color(s), Size(s) and Shape(s): 1, bright white light similar to floodlight flashing on and off erratically with bright blue ring around it.

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: About 5 miles away seen on Christmas teee hill from my condo patio which is perched on a hill

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): Stationary

Further Description of Sighting: Seen after heavy Chemtrailing this afternoon. There is a full moon tomorrow, not sure if that is relevant

Franklin, Tennessee, USA; December 3, 2017

Name: Jennifer

Date of Event: 12/3/2017

Location of Event: Franklin TN

Message: Out walking with my toddler and teen around 3:45pm and noticed two bright white/silver orbs hovering in the sky approx 1-2 miles from our home. We have alot of planes over our neighborhood, but these were silent, hovered still for 5-10 mins, left no exhaust trail, and varied in their speed when they did move. We watched them for approx 20 mins, thinking maybe they were blimps or something, but then they just disappeared.

Windsor, California, USA; November 10, 2017

Name: mary

Date of Event: 11-10-2017

Location of Event: windsor ca

Message: Northeast sky just as the stars were visible-one bright large slightly colored and stabilized with slight movement for a few hours seen without binoculars but with binoculars… flashing (rotating) green, red and some blue lights.

Several in a cluster nearby that disappeared.. and then returned.. seen in binoculars only..a couple others gliding towards the southwest and turning radically. Clouds eventually obscured viewing although they disappeared right before that.