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Date of Sighting: 30-Dec-97 13:09 Location of Sighting: Exeter, Devon Brief Description of sighting: A red, yellow, fiercely burning ball of fire, with embers falling off. It looked the size of two dinner plates, with tennis balls falling off, and burning out.

Date of Sighting: 29-Dec-97 10:50 Location of Sighting: Over Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Brief Description of sighting: Single spherical object, approx. 5-7 feet in diameter. Metallic, high gloss finish, but with signs of grime on underside. A machined appearance.

Date of Sighting: 28-Dec-97 19:48 Location of Sighting: Over Malby Co. Clare/Ireland Brief Description of sighting: One object, very bright. Colours were changing in sequence – white, yellow and red. UFO remained near aircraft’s 10 o’clock and then disappeared