Athol, Idaho, USA; 1995, 2002

Name: Mike

Date of Sighting: 2 sightings,
first-6-1995 broad day light, around 10am/
2nd sighting-Jan-2002 about 11pm

Location of Sighting: 1st-Athol, Id USA/
2nd-Athol, Id USA

Shape(s) of UFO(s): 1st-disc like/
2nd, started as a rectangle, and changed shape into a triangle.

Size(s) of UFO(s): 1st-the size of a jumbo jet,
2nd- about 35 foot long 20 foot wide

Color(s) of UFO(s): 1st sighting, the disc shaped craft was silver metallic color, about a 5th of the way to the center it raised top and bottom on both sides and had what looked like “port windows around the top portion {I was looking at this craft through binoculars}, it also had a red glowing Globe [not attached to it] flying freely around it.
The second sighting the craft was glowing silver, bright and changed shapes

Number of UFO(s): The first sighting seemed to be one large craft with a smaller one circling it,
the second sighting there was only one.

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: The first sighting about 10,000 ft right above my house,
the second sighting about 20 feet above my home, floated past absolutely silent

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): First was hovering over our location and then went straight up,
the second was traveling east.

Further Description of Sighting:
The first sighting:

My wife and I were in the house, she was doing the dishes and I was watching TV, my son and daughter were outside, my son came running in and told me there was something weird in the sky above our house [we lived in the sticks up here in Idaho]. I went out to see what was going on and about 10k feet above us was a silver disc shaped craft, I told my son to run and grab my binoculars, and he did.

I am ex-military and have worked with/on a lot of aircraft including top secret and experimental air craft and I’ve never seen anything like this. It was shaped like a disc, with a definitive higher center both top and bottom, all around the raised top area were what looked like “Port windows”

I first thought maybe it was an old space station falling out of orbit, but I checked with the air base close to us and it wasn’t nor did their radar show anything in the area. It also had a red globe that wasn’t attacked to it but circled it, the globe was the size of a car.

Until today I’ve never shared this with anyone else as it just seemed to unreal, but I know what I saw and with the binoculars I got a real good look at it.

Sighting two:

Years later after a divorce with my first wife, myself and my girlfriend were sitting outside at around 11pm watching the stars, it was winter time. When a rectangle shaped thing floated over us no more then 20 feet from the ground and it glowed a bright silver, didn’t make a sound either. As it floated on it changed shape to a triangle-it was about 25 to 35 ft long.

Memphis, Tennessee, USA; January 13, 1995

Name: Gary Miller

Date of Event: January 13, 1995

Location of Event: I-40 just east of Memphis

Message: My wife and I were driving from Memphis to Nashville just after midnight on January 13, 1995. We saw 4 very light objects in the northeast sky – 3 small and one large. They just stayed in one place.

I pulled into a gas station to fill up the rental car and asked the store clerk if there was an AFB near that area. I told them what I saw and they just laughed. To this day, my wife and I swear these either had to be UFO’s or some sort of military experimental craft. They were NOT helicopters.

Leonardtown, Maryland, USA; 1995

Name: William Maliha MD

Date of Sighting: sometime in 1995, late afternoon

Location of Sighting: Leonardtown Maryland, over Breton Bay

Number of UFO(s), including the Color(s), Size(s) and Shape(s): 2, cigar shaped, red, blue, and green. Can’t remember if lights were static or kinetic but definitely brightly colored.

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: At least a mile, but impossible to say accurately as nothing to reference it to.

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): Hovering and going back and forth in sky, with quick change of direction, not like a plane but actual 180 degree change in direction instantaneously. Hovered for several minutes.

Other Known Object(s) (For possible reference, or contrast): Guessing about 2-4000 feet of altitude over land.

Further Description of Sighting: Sitting in hot tub with my wife, late afternoon, looking out over Breton Bay and Potomac river, when two cigar shaped multi colored objects just appear in sky. Stayed several minutes then suddenly, a puff of smoke appears and they were gone.

Objects hovered and also zig zagged in sky over the area. Most interesting, is that next day, at least 5-10 navy helicopters hovered over the area and the Potomac river for hours. Large naval base nearby, Pax River Naval station.

I asked around the next day and nobody I knew had seen it. I was a member of the Sheriff’s department and they also did not know anything about it. I assumed it was a secret weapons test but like nothing I have ever seen. Was over a populated area, not over the base.

New York, USA; August, 1995

Name: mike

Date of Sighting: august 1995 between 8pm to 12am

Location of Sighting: upstate new york

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): from north to south

Further Description of Sighting: it was a pulsating light that was very brilliant moving across the sky from the north to the south. my buddy and i were astounded by what we saw because the light brighted everything around us.

after the light in the sky faded away we were shocked after a few minutes to here a noise coming from the left of us about 100 ft. when we looked over to where the noise was coming from we saw a green orb moving up and down off the ground about 5 ft making a kind zziv zziv noise.

the orb was about 3 ft in diameter. in all these years i have never been able to figure out what it was and never heard of any reports of what we saw in the sky.

Perry Hall, Maryland, USA; December, 1995

Name: If anonymous, leave this, too.

Date of Event: december 1995 around midnight

Location of Event: perry hall, maryland

Message: several years ago, when my father was taking out the trash he came inside all excited and woke everyone up, telling us to come outside. when we did, we saw 3 HUGE cylindrical objects, clear as day, hovering motionless in the sky. they had lights blinking in turn all around their perimeters. they were silent, and so huge. after a few minutes many of my neighbors (numbering at least 15 people) came outside and witnessed the same thing. we called the police. they came out and did just what we did, stood and stared at the sky in awe.

they even made a report. they contacted the local airports who all said nothing was over our town at the time. they hung there for about 20 whole minutes before they simply disappeared. it was very strange…they did’nt fly away, just disappeared as if they were switched off. we stood and stared, to see if they’d come back, but they didn’t. we had the feeling though that they were still there, we just couldn’t see them. my neighbors taped the incident, but the picture didn’t come out. all you could hear was “oh my god, look at that!” but the screen was just snow.

this was witnessed by several people, including 2 policemen. i was astounded that this never made the news or anything considering the amount of witnesses. i still remember it very clearly, and i am now a true believer in ufos.