Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canada; Winter, 1988

Name: david stankovic

Date of Sighting: cold winter months of 88 or 89

Location of Sighting: west of vanderhoof bc

Shape(s) of UFO(s): 3 dimensional rectangular shape

Size(s) of UFO(s): the size of a football field

Color(s) of UFO(s): red and partially transparent

Number of UFO(s): one

Distance of UFO(s) in sky: approximately 200 ft in air

Direction of Travel for UFO(s): motionless

Portland, Texas, USA; September, 1989

Name: jeff winnie

Date of Event: 9:00pm september 1989

Location of Event: portland texas

Message: Me and two friends were swimming in my pool in the backyard. WE noticed a ship of some sort to our right appearing in the distance just like a plane but not blinking. It would appear at the farthest point in the sky and travel slowly closer but still far away and dissapear. We started to notice that once it dissapeared it would appear at the beginning point. Once we began having interest in this we noticed that the ship or whatever began coming directly at us slowly i think? i swear it was like a dream!

The ship came directly over my pool and hovered for at least a minute roughly 40 foot above our heads. It made no noise had lights but you could not tell what they were if that makes sense. It was not like a bulb from a plane. At first i think we were just stunned at the size of it. A huge Rectangle ship NO wings! We kept looking for them because we could not believe a ship could be a rectangle< but it was. We finally snapped out of our stare and started running for the side of the pool to get out and tell everyone inside.

Just as we started moving it started moving backwards and turned to the left ove my sisters room. As i got to the sliding door i turned to look at it one more time as i did it tilted downward and blue a flame or something about 20 or more feet and shot into the street and dissapeared. Sounds crazy but its true! it only made a sound when it disappeared which shook the plates off my walls. My friends and I were the only ones to visually see this that night that im aware of.

My parents came rushing outside as did all my neighbors. everyone felt it but noone was outside. I will never forget that day for the rest of my life. Some i tell will not believe me but we know what we saw. ON the news they said they were doing test at the navel base in Corpus..I DONT THINK SO!! Thanks for hearing my story.


Lexington, Kentucky, USA; July, 1989

Name: Alan

Date of Event: 1989-90 July midnight

Location of Event: Kentucky back on Kentucky river about 15 miles, and hour from Lexington.

Message: Friends and I witnessed an event during an evening on the Kentucky river where we were staying with friends in an old log cabin. The area had been settled during the early 1800’s by white people. There is a rich history of native American  activity in the form of petraglyphs on the limestone bluffs above. At around mid-night, there was an electrical storm brewing.

At a certain point in the sky above the valley, and in the crotch of the valley, there appeared a rather large triangular silhouette, with three circular lights denoting the triangle one light was red, one green, and the third light—a kind of bluish white at the front or apex of the triangle. We were of course stunned and we watched as this object appeared to hover as flashes of lightning lit up the sky. After about five minutes, small points of light exited the larger craft, and began impossible maneuvers striking vectors at angles and then hovering. We noticed they were equipped with rotating lights on their perimeters.

The lights were also alternating between the same three colors. There must have been at least a dozen or so of these small objects in the sky at the same time. The larger triangle maintained a constant position while all these other small craft darted here and there. We all concurred with each other as to what we were seeing. We even woke the people we were visiting, and they said that they were used to this as it happened rather frequently, and they went off to bed.

As we continued to watch, the aerial maneuvers went on while the storm continued. At a given moment all the small craft moved up and back into the triangle, whereupon the large craft seemed to then move off in a direction and fade from view??? While we were watching, it seemed that the electrical storm and then the wind intensified and it rained. Since then, I have never seen anything as spectacular! I did however witness a series of vertical lights over the St.Croix river in the latter 1990’s in Minnesota…

Whittier, California, USA; 1989

Name: j bones

Date of Sighting: 1989

Location of Sighting: west rd. in whittier

Further Description of Sighting: I have a polaroid picture taken over west rd. in whittier 1989 of that same object
the story of how the picture was taken and how I got the picture is what is really crazy a friend of mine at the time lived in a trailer on property next to his moms house .

he went outside seen object had camera took picture object gone picture shows glowing red orange oval with small lump on top and bottom typical saucer shape take off and leave a trail of light that streeks across picture … a few years later not knowing about the picture I was walking into his back yard and got a very strange feeling to ask him if he had ever seen anything wierd in the sky and 20 mins later he produced the picture it was like i looked at the sky in the same area and had a feeling to ask him and he gives me a picture of what i was looking at but now has a ufo in the sky crazy TRUE 100%

Tecumseh, Oklahoma, USA; August 14, 1989

Name: Ryk Weston

Date: August 14, 1989; 1:20 AM

Location: Tecumseh, OK

What did the UFO look like: No larger than a Cadillace, octagon in shape. Kind of like if you took a shoebox and pushed the top down so that the sides creased out. Imagine that, silver in color and it made absolutely no sound.

Did the UFO do any strange things: No, nothing strange. It just hovered there, roughly about 40 to 5- feet above the intersection.

Additional comments: I chased after it in my car when it turned northbound, but by the time I reached the 177 exit, it was long gone. It definitley changed my opinions about UFO’s, for sure. I’m always checking the skies out since that sighting.