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Name: Bob

Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina / Las Vegas, Nevada

Message: I saw em’ with my brother, John. But I saw them way up closer just outside of Las Vegas, bout 15 years ago. They came within 100 feet of us, and seemed to “harass” us for a few minutes. They scared me so bad I hid under a mattress in my motor home. They are there, but seemingly harmless…at least as yet.

Name: Mandy

Date: August 13, 2008, 9:00pm

Location: Ellicott City, Maryland; MD-100

Message: On August 13th, around 9:00pm my husband and I were driving on route 100 East. I saw a really bright light in the air hovering over the fields of Howard High School. I had my husband pull off onto the shoulder because From far away I thought it was a helicopter with the spotlight on, but as we got closer it was no helicopter.

We got a really good look at it. it was a disc shaped and silver it had 2 bright white lights on each side that also went to the bottom. It was very still hovering over the fields of Howard High School. I went to get my phone out of my daughters diaper bag to take a picture, but by the time I got the phone out to take a picture it took off very fast going south.

It was very low and my husband and I have never seen anything like this in our lives before. We have no idea what it was it was definitely an unidentified flying object. It was also very close to the ground and we got a very good look at it we tried to find where it went so we could get a picture but it just disappeared. I know people probably think we are crazy when we tell them but I don’t care I know what I saw. I now believe there is something out there.

Name: x

Date: Summer 1973

Location: Sunset and 185th overpass, Portland, Oregon

Message: summer 1973 West Portland-Sunset Hwy and 185th overpass, light-gray round object the size of 4 full moons above my 72 Vega as I traveled south at about 7pm. My roommate Dave said “look at the full moon”. I remember when the full moon comes over the horizon it is sometimes distorted. No big deal. Then I realized that the moon had set over the Coast Range hours earlier.

Stuck my head out the window and can’t explain why I did this, but slammed on the brakes and ran out in the middle of the street. Looking back on it, it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do. I looked up and it was above us. First thing I did was try to find someone to collaborate with. This is a very busy highway and we were all alone. 185th highway and the Sunset highway. No cars no people.

My roommate yelled “its made of metal” the object flashed white blinding me. 3 seconds later flashed red 3 seconds later flashed blue. Flashed like a camera(white) again. Last thing I remember it flashed over the west hills 10 miles away. I lived with Dave for 2 years after that and never mentioned it! Didn’t remember until dreams 15yrs later. Actually I did remember, but it wasn’t important to me until later.

I went to the Doc for some sleeping pills cos I could not get any rest. Same dream over and over. Shrink says “to hypnotize.” Detained and possibly abducted. Would you get hypnotized and possibly have for the rest of your life memories of things that make no sense, upset the religious teachings, the status quo, all the things you were taught could be BS.

This really really happened to me. I know what I saw. No one will ever convince me it didn’t happen. Oh by the way. No way do I want to know anymore. Forget the hypno! I suppose if the aliens were hostile we, wouldn’t be here.

Name: John Ragin

Date: September 2, 2008

Location: Carowinds Hotel, North North Myrtle Beach

Message: I saw these same lights on Sept 2 at the same hour from my 11th floor hotel balcony at Carowinds in North Myrtle Beach.

I left a comment a few hour ago and have since been googling around to figure out what it could have been that I saw. I forgot to mention in the previous post that I watched the lights with my binoculars for at least 3 or 4 minutes and then they disappeared and came back again a few minutes later.

I am 51 year with a law degree, and I tell you directly that the lights were absolutely NOT any sort of balloon, flare, meteor, military plane on maneuver, lightning, planet, distant boat on the sea, lanterns drifting in bags, birds or anything else I have ever seen in my life. I have never believed in UFO´s and I still don´t believe in them, HOWEVER, I did see something that night that I cannot explain.

I imagine they are some sort of an amazing hoax to captivate and attract tourists to Myrtle Beach, but I have no clue how such a hoax could be accomplished (could they be super-advanced hologram projections???)

I have been reading that these lights have been seen on many different dates around 10pm at night, so I suspect either an amazing tourist hoax (why would the military or aliens choose to perform complex maneuvers repeatedly in front of Myrtle Beach) or perhaps a very incredible natural phenomenon that has never been documented or explained by scientists even though many tourists have seen it over many years, always around 10 or 11 at night!)

Although the videos of the lights that I saw on YouTube are shaky from the people trying to zoom in on them, they are definitely untouched and real. The lights were much more spectacular in person, but at least the amateur videos capture a small bit of the phenomenon.

Well, that was my two cents worth. It was amazing and I suppose that, for the first time in my life, I am entirely baffled, and without an explanation for what I saw. Maybe E.T. is here and the stock market collapse is just part of their first wave of attack! I always suspected Bush and crew of being at least partially alien!


Name: John Ragin

Date: September 2, 2008

Location: Carowinds Hotel, North North Myrtle Beach

Message: My brother and I were sitting on the balcony at the Carowinds Hotel on the 11th floor and we saw those lights.

I remember them being almost exactly as the writer describes them. I tried to think that they were glowing lights mounted on hot air balloons or helicopters, but I decided that it was impossible for balloons or helicopters to move in the way the lights were moving.

The movements appeared random, from stopped to fast, back and forth, etc. sort of like just “joy riding” in the night sky. I saw the lights fading in and out for over a minute. Then they disappeared, then I saw them again a few minutes later.

They made absolutely no noise and seemed to be 3 or 4 independent “UFOS”. Well, it was weird enough to make me have a vivid dream about “invading UFOs” last night (a month after i saw them).

I confess that do not believe in UFOs. And I still don’t believe. It must have been something man made. Maybe someone playing a hoax on the tourists, but I admit it is an AMAZING hoax!

And I can’t figure out how they are doing it. Maybe someone caught some birds and attached lights to them and then controlled the lights from a hotel balcony somewhere.

Or maybe we ARE being invaded like in my dream last night! Wow. Whatever it was, it was amazing. If anyone figures out what those lights were, please let me know! I am baffled!


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