Knoxville, Tennessee, USA; 1966

Name: Jason

Date of Event: approximately 1966

Location of Event: Knoxville, Tennessee

Message: My dad, who is an extremely no-nonsense guy, swears that he and his friends saw a UFO from the Ag Campus in Knoxville in about 1966.  It was a dome shaped craft that made an electrical humming sound, had a metallic finish, and blue lights around the base.  It hovered about 10 feet or so above the street, and crossed the river and went up over the bluff and took off.

It was apparently seen by many and there were reports in the newspaper.  Authorities investigated and reported that it was a fraternity prank where students were building a fire under laundry bags and floating them up like hot air balloons.  My dad says that is total BS.

Does anyone know anything about this?  This comes from an incontrovertible source.

Alexandria, Louisiana, USA; July 4, 2007

Name: christina

Date of Event: July 4, 2007 around 9:00

Location of Event: Alexandria, Louisiana

Message: On July 4, 2007 in Alexandria, Louisiana, My daughter and I were looking for a place to see fireworks and she got hungry.
She asked to stop at a McDonald’s on MacArthur Dr. in Alexandria, LA.

We went in and came back out. I paused when I saw what looked like a huge ball of fire coming towards us at a great distance in the sky. The ball kept coming closer and closer towards us. I called my mother to see if there had been a shuttle scheduled or a meteor that anyone had seen. She said no….the huge ball of fire that my daughter and I saw came so far towards us that I thought it was a comet.

Then, the fire-ball turned and went towards the west of us and within 10 minutes was gone. I could not believe my eyes. I knew that if it was a comet or meteor it would not make a turn like it did. I wish I had a camera so I could show the rest of the world. It was so unreal and my daughter thought that the sun was shooting at us in the sky.

West Hartford, Connecticut, USA; October 30, 2007

Name: Anonymous

Date of Event: Approximately 6pm 10/30/07

Location of Event: south West Hartford Ct

Message: I witnessed 3 large Pencil linear shapes bright at dusk flying slowly – there were two they were all slanted ~45 degrees in the air. Two of them seemed close to each other the other was a little further away.  I noticed the one further away blinking at one end like a ball of bright light on occasion. This lasted for 30-40 seconds until i could no longer see them.

Omaha, Nebraska, USA; October 9, 2007

Name: Jake L

Date of Event: 11:05 pm, Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Location of Event: Omaha NE, I am at 50 and maple, the UFO was to the east, maybe 2 miles away

Message: I was in my backyard looking at stars when I saw something moving in the sky. I was amazed and I had to stand up to get a closer look.  I could only see white lights that, if stationary would look just like stars.  They were in a “V” shaped pattern with about 5 or 6 lights going down each length of the “V”. It was moving south until it went behind a street light and I could no longer see it.

Johnson City, Tennessee, USA; September 22, 2007

Name: Charlie

Date of Event: September 22nd 2007

Location of Event: Johnson City, Tennessee

Message: Hi, I was out at the peak time during the leonid meteor shower, at 3 am on the 22nd, and i saw a bright white light, flying low, landed, I found fragments, but not anything on the internet or in books could identify, it’s neon orange and white, very light, and meteor looking, not metal, though, or heavy. Could it be pieces of mars or an asteroid?

I don’t know and the local science dept. won’t return my email. ETSU is the local college. I need a content analysis, it looks as if this could be unprecedented, possibly a new element form a star even. Who knows? thx, I appreciate any help.

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