Huntington, West Virginia, USA; February 28, 2008

Name: Joe

Date of Event: most recent sighting was 2/28/08 but I have had sightings/contacts all my life going back to age four.

Location of Event: From our front porch in Huntington,WV.

Message: I felt drawn outside around 4 pm on 2/28/08 Thursday. I was looking at a few jets spewing out chemtrails when I noticed a silvery football shaped orb (w/no exhaust nor features). It was a very clear, blue bird sky with the exception of the chemtrails. I yelled for my girlfriend to come outside and she spotted it also. We both agreed it looked more like an oval, football shape with a silvery luminosity that stood out in contrast compared to the chemtrails jets that were close to it.

At one point in the beginning, I thought the object was going to crash into or nearly miss a chemtrail jets as they approached each other from opposite directions. I caught one good photo with my digital binoculars as it faded into the distance. I have saved the photo but it can be seen at